What is a thesis of a thesis:

What is a thesis of a thesis:

  • I will conduct a research on unemployment and make some predictions based on this data.
  • Some other things, such as inflation, population, and economic growth are predicted.
  • In some countries, unemployment is projected to increase in the future.
  • In other countries, the impact of unemployment on the economy is less severe. But it is still expected to increase.

    In the balance, unemployment is expected to increase in the future, even in such a situation. This problem is one of the most important negative factors to include in a positive and negative essay on population.

    There is a tendency for an earlier increase in unemployment (in the initial period) and a slower decline in it. This is the usual situation in the developed countries of the world. For example, in the United States, the rate of unemployment has slowed down significantly, but the trend has not changed. In Europe, the workforce has been increasingly employed, and the degree of unemployment has decreased. Other factors responsible for the rapid adjustment of the labor market are demographic (gender, age, and social status) factors.

    A number of studies show that the impact of unemployment mostly falls on the part of the labor force age. The older a man, the more attention he pays to own life. Consequently, in the process of unemployment, the wage rates become more and more of a threat to reach a default level. The person with the lower qualification can be paid less than the one with higher.

    In the process of economic recovery (which is also called in the informal sector), the search for jobs leads to the displacement of older people. The facts here are valid for the period from 2008 to 2010. The number of older Americans in the lower class of the wage rate has decreased by 17%.

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    The issue of discrimination in the labor market is often highlighted by the fact that, even in the strongest companies, the wage is not always what it is expected to receive. The process of compensation for the young workers has become less important. The underpayment of salaries is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth in income inequality.

    In the process of economic recovery (which is called in the conventional economy) the behavior of actors in the market is frequently distorted. The wages of employees continuously grow, while the amount of their work time is gradually reduced. The opportunities for this reduction of labor activity are narrowed, the number of fewer people employed in the labor market is reduced, and the social ladder is widened.

    In the process of economic transition, the role of social and occupational mobility is sharply reduced, and, in the process of increasing inequality, the United States falls behind the curve of progress. The gap between the middle class and the lower class grows. In the period of economic recovery (which includes the periods of excessively positive economic growth accompanied by the stabilizing of prices and the decrease in the number of people employed in industry), the middle class usually takes a pro-formative position.

    But, in the post- recession era, the role of the middle class is much more modest and unobtrusive. Its activity is associated with the activities of other elements of the social structure – the social and economic structures, in particular, the structures of the family.

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    The family, as a social institution, is no longer able to offer a reliable high school diploma, and the middle class, having narrowed its ability to pay taxes, has become a hereditary aristocracy. In Europe, the middle class represents a segment of society that is above the elite, and its members are above the middle class. In America, there are no hereditary aristocracy, and the role of the middle class is autonomous. It is both an independent group and a social institution.

    Bound between the middle class and the lower class are the social and professional status of the representatives of the middle class. These are the qualities of the average person. Therefore, the economic inequality in the United States essay should be focused on the changes that have occurred in the class structure of the United States in the post-war period. You should describe the changes in the value system of the middle class during this period.

    Classification of the middle class for income inequality research essay

    Since the middle class is a social institution, it is important to classify it into elements of the social structure of society, as well as the nature of the privileges that it provides. In this regard, the peculiarities of the US concept for the class structure of the middle class are connection with the nature of the American Dream, which has undergone a number of dramatic changes in the recent period.

    The whole American Dream is connected with a number of other social, cultural, political and economic phenomena, which you should describe in your income inequality essay. The permanent and stable growth of the middle class is directly related to the rapid changes in the availability of surplus value, which, in turn, has also sharply affected the wages of other social groups.