what is a thesis statement?

what is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is something you include in your introduction at the beginning of your paper, and it includes three points. This is so you can write a full 5 paragraph essay.
Example of thesis: The boy got into huge trouble because of his grades, actions, and lack of responsibility.
In this, your three points are his grade, actions, and lack of responsibility.

How you would set up the paper:
1st paragraph: Introduction with thesis statement as last sentence.
2nd paragraph: start with topic sentence about 1st point of your thesis: The boy was not a very good student, therefore he made terrible grade. -then continue on to tell about his bad grades.
3rd paragraph: topic sentence of second point: The boys actions had affected him greatly. -go on to explain this.
4th paragraph: top sentence of 3rd point: The boy had taken absolutely no responsibility for what he did. -Then go on to explain it.
5th paragraph: our conclusion, tying everything in your paper together including your thesis.

Hope this helps and makes sense!