What is a thesis statement for a friendship essay: “Friends are like a precious thing which can be seen as a completion of the normal human experience.”

What is a thesis statement for a friendship essay: “Friends are like a precious thing which can be seen as a completion of the normal human experience.”

Methodology of friendship essay

Since the definition of friendship is relatively new, it is difficult to discuss the methods which a person used to acquire this quality. As a rule, this concept is much broader than personal interests. It includes such factors as self-esteem, self-awareness, empathy, and communication skills. The fact is that such relationships are built on the foundation of communication, which makes it possible to talk about the common dreams and aspirations of two hearts “I need help with my friendship essay”.

The criteria for evaluation of friendliness are emotional and cognitive. Emotions and feelings come to the forefront. The talk and interaction with a friend unfolds in a whole different way. It includes such factors as personal assessment, evaluation, moral assessments, assessments, elimination of gaps in communication, changes in opinion and orientation of additional partners: partners begin to evaluate their own qualities and judgments relating to each other, and this can lead to an increase in friendship activity when a person has evaluated own work or artistic work.

A personality develops along with several other personalities. To some extent, a person is a “new Adam”. Its nature is such that it is both inclined to praise and to condemn someone.

An example of a definition of friendship essay: “Among the many varieties of relationships, this is one of the most important. Friends are very important for personal life, its positive and negative aspects. Therefore, you should consider friendship in a special way.”

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Philosophical terminology for friendship essay

For a better definition of friendship essay, it is worth describing its philosophical background. The term “friend” is most often understood as “friend of people” or “the best friends are as a rule the ones that are closest to us”, so this understanding of friends is quite general. However, there are many specifics about friends and friendship in science and journalism.

For example, the awareness of someone else’s personality and the ability to recognize own image in another person is the most important criterion for assessing a friend. Adhere to the following definition of this concept in a “what is friendship” essay: the friend is a person, usually a friend of children, but sometimes a friend of people, especially those who are closer to one another. Having developed this characteristic, a person can be considered quite capable of an assessment in relation to another person, attempting to fulfill the various demands of the other person, even if such evaluation is not obligatory.

The secret of friendship, which makes the person happy and united for the joint past, is the knowledge of other people’s motivations and desires. The needs of the individual and the needs of the collective are sufficiently powerful motivating factors which often completely determine the behavior of friends. In addition, this is the case when, for different reasons, the impulse of friendship changes usual social status of some actions, for example, the desire for good-quality communication increases, and the desire for material prosperity is typically decreased.

Having become friends, young people adhere to certain moral principles: love is the best way to develop a friendship, and friendship is an information process which should be supplemented by contacts.

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However, the present concept of friendship is not identical with the ideal concept, which is embodied in the modern collective concept of “connectedness”. The idea of “friendliness” is sometimes understood as the ability to provide the subjective experience of a partner. Perhaps, this concept is too simple to understand, and the application of it in practice is impossible.

However, according to psychology, the human need for friends is usually associated with the activity of two or more bodies, because each of them has certain functions. The need is the power of the interpersonal communication. The correspondence with the functional features of the individual is manifested, in the fact that the actual and effective communication of thoughts is carried out.

The corresponding topic for such essays is different for everyone. The subject usually describes the activity of people with whom it’s possible to have a lasting emotional contact. However, the subject can be either alone or with someone else. The matter is that the necessary communication steps (interactions, sharing experiences, etc.) are absent when communication is most intense.

Such notions are typical for the “blind” (nobility, weakness, lack of will) and “henate” (cunning, silly, weak, selfishness, etc.) types of personality. For example, the everyday activities of a person with friends are analyzed here. Assessments for their psychic and moral health are carried out owing to the efforts of the individual.

The Communication of Mentally and emotionally with others is carried out owing to the communication with them. This is exactly the reason why psychologists pay special attention to the communication with friends and acquaintances. Only deep knowledge of the individual can help a person to understand and assess the communication results which may be useful to the individual.