What is a thesis statement?

What is a thesis statement?
I’m writing a 5 paragraph essay about the characteristics of a hero universal (Beowulf) and I need a thesis every paragraph. What exactly would that be?

A thesis statement adresses two things: your topic (univerisal hero) and what you want to say about your topic (list some characteristics). Since you’re writing a 5 paragraph essay, that means the first paragraph will be your introduction, including a thesis statement, and the thesis statement should include the 3 characteristics the paper will explore. Then each of the three following paragraphs, called body paragraphs, will explore one of the characteristics as identified by the topic sentence. The final paragraph will be a concluding paragraph that brings closure to the paper. Try not to summarize or restate but instead mention why this information is important, or how it still applies, or if real people should model their behavior, etc. This is the classic structure of a 5 paragraph essay.