What is a type of essay that will be assigned to you:

What is a type of essay that will be assigned to you:

  • Summarizing what was stated earlier.
  • Brief historical overview of a problem or phenomenon.
  • Study of features of the term (designer).
  • Implementation and evaluation of policies.
  • Reason and reasons for choosing this type of solution.
  • Review of literature on the topic.
  • Evaluation of the financial and economic grounds, requires compliance with the plan of the assignment.
  • Assignment of writing services: full, partial, executive.
  • Presence of other commission (manager) but by professional (author).
  • The possibility of substituting a specialist with a member of the commission (the choice of the supervisor).
  • The absence of material on the topic: some problems are inherent to the field of future work. The selection of the supervisor is carried out by the committee.
  • The possibility of using a creative approach in the presentation of own project. You are free to make the text creative and appropriate. The main thing that is required is that the reader agrees with the idea presented.
  • The freedom of style. The presentation of the term is unrestricted. It may be emotional, expressive, artistic, even blame the government for its decisions. The argument can be left without any influence, being accompanied by the arguments.
  • The absence of material on the topic: some theories are developed based on another layer of society’s awareness. Therefore, the presentation of “new facts” is not an accurate and presentable data. It is appropriate to indicate the results achieved by a scientist when drawing up a situation for the first time, recalling how his findings relate to the topic.
  • The lack of statistics. It is characteristic for the United States, where the business is state-owned. The total population of the US is 3.4 million people. But the number of people employed in agriculture is 10 million. There are 500 thousand of them.
  • Disagreement. The most important advantage of the competition is the possibility of changing the status of the plaintiff. He can be elected to the Senate or to the House of Representatives, be appointed to the boards of industry representatives, be elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly, etc.
  • Limited power. Only the most dangerous, criminal cases involving racism, pornography, and other incurable crimes are presented in the judicial system. The freedom of speech, press and other mass media is also protected.
  • Political protection. The investigation of the law in the field of media, especially in relation to the activity of state employees, is allowed to take place.
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    The competition of labor resources is closely related to the development of the economy. In the sphere of employment, measures to prevent unemployment are taken, including the provision of working places for the unemployed, the creation of a job fund for the unemployed, the right to paid vacation, pay for hours worked over a period of time, the right to fair remuneration for the work, the right to temporary disability, the right to a maternity leave, and the right to fair remuneration for children.

    Workplace Investigations: The American Government makes regular audits on employment records initiated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. In such a way discrepancies in identification registers and papers are revealed. Such audits may lead to deportation for the illegal employees and the employers are alerted of mismatches between their workers’ Social Security cards and the real credentials of the card holders. Besides, immigrants’ visas are regularly updated and tracked by the US administration.

    In 1996 Congress passed the PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. Though it prevents public benefits from flowing to undocumented residents the latters are still entitled to immunizations, medical care, disaster relief, and k-12 education. The implementation of this Act, in fact, makes the shift towards personal responsibility over “public dependency” evident.

    The maximum punishment for the 1st time caught in the violation of migration rules is 6 months imprisonment; each following offense stands for additional 2 years.

    The immigrants, whose term of overstay is between 180 and 360 days, face a 3-year ban, when trying to re-enter America, those who violated visa terms for the period exceeding one year get 10 years ban.

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    Most essays about immigration in the United States touch upon its economic influence; we’ll also consider it as one of the major aspects.

    The economic influence of the illegal immigration is usually considered a heavy burden, extremely costly and influencing the financial security of the native citizens in the period under consideration. It is often claimed to cut wages, as unregulated workers can be paid less. Employers benefit from this while it keeps wages at a lower level in certain occupations and regions.