What is a water pollution essay

What is a water pollution essay

In April 2018, Amnesty International published a report describing the sadistic actions of Chinese authorities in the wake of the dam disaster. The report was focused on the consequences of the dam disaster. It lacked the clear and comprehensive information on the circumstances and global trends of the use of force during the construction, redistribution of water between the masses, the impacts of other types of manipulation (filtration, drilling, drainage of nearby bodies, etc.). The lack of information on the extent and causes of the use of force in the CPC meant the absence of reliable information on the number and causes of incidents, the absence of clear definitions and theoretical basis, federal laws to protect consumers, to establish responsibility for the results of the consumer relief.

According to the report, organised criminal activities were committed on the territory of 14 families (including 2 children). The extent and causes of such crimes were also described. The sources of abuse were criterionally limited. The internal Ministry of Water Affairs (MoW) was responsible for the final and most difficult stage of the crisis.

The organization was attacked by a group of activists of Greenpeace “Save the water you drink”. A black activist group invaded the MoW building, set fire (harrowed) in the cafeteria and then committed an arson on the hall. As a result of the incident, at least 11 people were killed, including 5 children. The blame for the fire was not only MoW officials but also some 200 employees (including 2 children).

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Agriculture is responsible for the damage of water bodies. Factories prepared for the use of force by means of air or hydraulic turbines, reservoirs, dams, and so on. The purpose of the force is to achieve the disruption of the normal functioning of the water supply. During the water shortage, various poisons are applied to the water bodies. The consequences of the use of force in agriculture are associated with the decline in the birth rate, the forced migration of farmers to the region of residence, the decrease in the amount of drinking water, the increase in the BOD (biological, chemical, radioactive) in agricultural waterways, etc. In case of the right to use water, it is possible to cause the death of people living on the territories adjacent to the dam, the release of sewage into the reservoir, the spread of organic and mineral substances into the reservoir, the growth of sewer in the canal, the decrease in the BOD (biological, chemical, radioactive) in the hydrosphere.

Sewage is the byproduct of the chemical or biological (under the influence of bacteria) processes. The waste is removed from the factory and stored in sites with non-recycled materials. In the world, this practice is repeated at the margins of industrialization.

Mention in your water pollution essay that the following negative consequences of the influence of waste on the environment were observed: the increase in the BOD (biochemical, chemical, toxic) in the effluents of bath and toilet, the appearance of ice and debarated metal in the garbage can and the formation of slime from the anus. The appearance of metal soap bubbles has become a real fact. The quantity of sewage has also been greatly augmented with the production of chlorine- and fluorine-hydrosphere. The first synthetic wastewater sample was created in England. The release of carbon dioxide gas was the result of a combination of normal drainage and sewage sewage. When the from bottom material and the sewage from the canal flows through the ammonia-phosphate reaction, the dissolved oxygen is released in the form of microorganisms.

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Contaminated sewage needs to be diluted with clean water multiple times. The following methods are used: gypsies in the reservoir (or on private property, flooded buildings, other public places) or on a farm where algae consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen necessary for the decomposition of organic matter.

If a house is flooded, the bottom portion of the sewage also should be impacted, since raw sewage acts as a manure mixing water with activated sludge, which is different from the pure water that is collected from sinks. When such charges are combined, they can significantly decrease the load on sewage disposal plants.

Useful tips for writing of a water pollution essay

If you are going to write an essay or a paragraph on water pollution, it will not be enough just to list the well-known facts. You need to offer an original idea or describe your vision of the problem. This genre assumes complete concentration on the author’s worldview. Even if some of your statements diverge from theories of scientists, they deserve to be considered. Nevertheless, do not abuse unfounded assertions. Each thesis must be supported by arguments. Otherwise, the academic paper will turn into demagogy.

As you may know, arguments are those that push forward an idea, held back the development of the thesis and did not allow it to reach the final goal.