What is a way to end your loneliness: we can offer you to get rid of this habit for good.

What is a way to end your loneliness: we can offer you to get rid of this habit for good.

What is loneliness research paper

It is necessary to conduct a research on loneliness and form a thesis statement on its basis. It is a well-known fact that human relationship is at its foundation – we are all around the world, living in the modern world. However, the primary source of this understanding is not in the scientific works but in the social institution, in which each person is found to have own objective needs.

In the framework of this context, the concept of loneliness comes to the fore. It is one of the most common and mysterious concepts, and, in the infinite variety of ways, among which you can form your own definition of this concept.

The research of this phenomenon exists in the field of sociology. It is the study of a large number of objective, subjective or integrated groups, the balance of which is achieved by the group, according to the level of its structure, economic, political, educational, artistic, scientific, social, psychological, educational, demographic, geographic, sociological, medical, psychological, psychological, or other reasons that help to understand the relationship between people on the basis of their psychological characteristics, opportunities, and so on.

No matter how many theories you describe in your attraction to friendship essay, they are not connected with the problem of theism of friendship. In its theoretical basis, the concept of friendship is formed. The basic principle on which the theory of friendship is based is mutual recognition, which allows us to calculate the positions of other people in the system of interpersonal relations.

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The essence of friendship, which, however, are not wholly scientific, is more complex than social norms of perceiving and interacting. It does not boil to the conventional understanding of friendship. The scientific background of friendship is usually counted on the sympatization of analytical concepts, the elucidation of many problems in a relatively short period of time.

The main task of the essay on friendship is to look at the problem from different angles, to reveal the variety of approaches to it. Be sure to indicate own research. However, the most important subject is to make a unique contribution to the collective understanding of friendship.

A unique feature of friendship is the depth of the feeling of belonging to the opposite sex. Most scientists treat this factor as determinant of the reaction of friendly relations. In fact, this concept is much broader than social norms, and the understanding of it in general.

Essay on friendship for lovers

If you’re looking for unique friendship essay topics, consider writing about the specialties of interpersonal relationships. The main feature of interpersonal communication is the motivation of both participants and their desire for close communication.

The main goal of interpersonal communication is to attain the maximum satisfaction from communication, which can be described as the highest value in the overall concept of interpersonal relationships. In this regard, the importance of personal communication is one of the most significant aspects of the development of society.

The following definition of happiness is often used in communication: it means the perception of another person as positive. At the same time, for the counterpart, happiness means the perception of own work, the results of the second phase.

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The following definitions of happiness also can be found in various sources of information:

  • peaceful and purposeful state of mind;
  • characteristic features of the individual;
  • opportunities that bring personal benefit;
  • conditions that make it possible to be both successful and unsuccessful.
  • The structure of interpersonal communication can be conditionally divided into three categories.

  • The causal type is characterized by the chain of causes and effects. The following types of relations are typical for high-level communication:
  • communication with other people (locations, dates, persons);
  • study at work (graduates, college students, etc.).
  • employment, business, as well as medical care, etc.
  • Therefore, you may define happiness as a mental state that manifests itself in the objective reality.

    The definition of success for the happiness of friendship essay

    Improvement of an individual and group relations is one of the important goals of the teenagers, which helps to assess the results of communication with other people and the process of interpersonal interaction.

    The main factors that affect this process are success and failure. Therefore, you may consider two figures depending on success factors:

  • level of development, prosperity, creative abilities, and social status;
  • relative well-being and different family conflicts;
  • specific psychological features of each individual;
  • to maintain the present position.