What is almost impossible to prepare a graduation project on your own. 

What is almost impossible to prepare a graduation project on your own. 

The most common reason for encountering difficulties with a dissertation is encountered in the process of conception. Some students do not understand the concept, others – the topic is too complicated. It is necessary to study a rough draft of a text, compile a working text, reread mistakes found in the first editions, etc. But the most unfortunate thing is that, in good universities, such problems often lead to low marks, or you have to order dissertation writing services.

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Religious circles criticized Malthus from the other point of view. The Church believed that any artificial restriction of fertility (contraception, abortion, sterilization, etc.) is the interference in the affairs of the Lord.

In other words, artificial infertility was invented precisely to limit the possibility of birth among the free population.

How to prevent it?

As it is believed in the church, abstention is the deliberate deprivation of the natural function of the child, the suppression of his birth rate.

However, the church was very late in its attack on human promiscuity. The rejection of Malthus’ ideas indicates the revival of the spirit of the Enlightenment, which, in fact, was the first significant step towards the abolition of religious control over the reproduction of the population.

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Mention in a student essay on population problem that, in the Renaissance, the attitude towards sexual diversity was much more lax than in the centuries of theocracy. In the case of sexual orientation, the cleric was allowed to prescribe the ban on necrophiles for marriage, and same-sex marriages were legalized in many states.

Ideas for a population control essay

It’s worth mentioning in a population control essay that the author of the first population research paper had ideas similar to the above-mentioned Malthus’ theory. But they were not approved by the church because of the complex and contradictory contradictions in the definition of the concept of population.

The term “family” in the modern sense of the word is not identical with the notion “family” in religious circles. The scope of the conceptualization of the family is much broader. The number of people within the family has no limit, and the number of social roles is determined by the number of reproductive opportunities available for the society.

Controversial theoretical approaches to income inequality essay topics

The topic of the importance of income inequality in the family has been evolving for more than 150 years, but still, not all aspects of the problem have been correctly understood. The following problems arise here:

  • The lack of clarity of the concepts of income inequality and poverty. The comparison of the lifestyles of different groups of society is carried out in the framework of the inequality of social status. But the distinction is essentially a social invention, the essence of which is reflected in the concept of “equality”. In the minds of many peoples, it meant and means equality of opportunities. It may be emphasized in the essay on income inequality and happiness that this concept is predominantly a social and economic phenomenon. It is quite obvious that the distribution of incomes and wealth is not equal. In the mean, the distribution of incomes is something like the distribution of poverty or wealth. It does not matter where and how the people distributed their incomes. In the core social patterns of income inequality is associated with the dominance of one dominant social position over another dominant social role.
  • A lot of analytical work is being done in the field of human rights and social statistics. The methods of obtaining data are constantly being improved. More and more people speak and write about this problem. But the basic statistics have not yet been mastered. The task of the sociology of population is to bridge the gaps between the influences of social, economic, and political factors. Only after all this, the true picture of the development processes will be determined.
  • There is a tendency for the growth of a gap in the wages of different groups of workers. For example, in the midsummer, the wages of hourly workers are 3.25 times higher than the earnings of research assistants. Slavery is especially problematic in the rural areas. The story of the domestic labor shortage is quite obvious: the workers can’t get a salary. All this forces them to seek outside help.
  • A significant part of the lower class consists of the elderly. They do not enjoy a lifestyle advantage over others. In the future, the elderly will be able to work no more than 64 years old, and the number of their survivors is expected to be very high.
  • The middle class is distinguished by high heterogeneity and even ambiguity in many objective and subjective criteria. This prevents the understanding of the common interests of representatives of the middle class.