What is also worth mentioning in a research paper on population problem that, according to experts, 5 million people lived on Earth, but only 3.5 million of them were homeless. The true figure may be much higher, but many estimates are converging to the following level.

What is also worth mentioning in a research paper on population problem that, according to experts, 5 million people lived on Earth, but only 3.5 million of them were homeless. The true figure may be much higher, but many estimates are converging to the following level.

The neighborhood of the homeless is undergoing a process of gentrification. At the moment, it shows the poor level of housing and communication techniques. The infrastructure of the street is damaged, the level of public transport is falling, the number of shelters is growing. The number of people living in the street varies from 7 to 15 thousand people, and the number of their homes is approximately 5 thousand. The benefit of housing is usually perceived as:

  • ability to offer a family a place to live,
  • safety, security, and care.
  • opportunities to work,
  • health and social protection.
  • raising public awareness, social mobilization.
  • The problem of homelessness is especially acute for anyone who has seen the film, or rather pictures, about which we talked about in the previous section.

    Sometimes, people living in the street often become the victims of physical and sexual exploitation, receive the tips about living in the street below.

    Over the last 10 years, the number of people living in the street has doubled, and the consequences of this phenomenon are already visible: the number of people experiencing homelessness is growing, the number of shelters is growing, the number of free nights in the shelter system is three times higher than the number of occupancy-claiming hotels.

    According to the respondents, there has been a rapid increase in recent years the number of shelters with more than 10% of all registered voters. In 2012, there were 150 such shelters, and the Governor of the US said that there are already 300 such organizations.

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    Workplace Investigations: The American Government makes regular audits on employment records initiated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. In such a way discrepancies in identification registers and papers are revealed. Such audits may lead to deportation for the illegal employees and the employers are alerted of mismatches between their workers’ Social Security cards and the real credentials of the card holders. Besides, immigrants’ visas are regularly updated and tracked by the US administration.

    In 1996 Congress passed the PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. Though it prevents public benefits from flowing to undocumented residents the latters are still entitled to immunizations, medical care, and k-12 education. The implementation of this Act, in fact, makes the shift towards personal responsibility over “public dependency” evident.

    The maximum punishment for the 1st time caught in the violation of migration rules is 6 months imprisonment; each following offense stands for additional 2 years.

    The immigrants are also subject to additional sanctions (usually fines and fines). There are no exceptions, and the punishment for the 1st time is 5 years imprisonment; each following offense has its own punishment – 6 months imprisonment; orders for the execution of sentences can be issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

    The immigrants are not subject to health discrimination, are treated by protective legislation and have access to the emergency care. In addition, the use of public services is frequently restricted to only limited cases.

    The immigrants are also entitled to the adoption of children. In 2010 the procedure of legal marriage is used for the assignment of the parents of minor children. Married couples, as a rule, are not entitled to adoption of children.

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    The act of natural disaster is usually triggered by events that can cause financial losses, for example, natural disasters and wars. When writing the effects of natural disasters essay, state that losses in the form of unemployment, acts of violence and persecution are most painful. The consequences of natural disasters on the economic development of certain groups of the population are often underestimated.

    Influence of social, economic, political, legal and cultural factors in the process of preparing the argumentation of argumentative essay on illegal immigration.

    Undoubtedly, according to the natural law, each individual is the subject of due punishment for his own actions, but the punishment for the illegal act should be imposed by a whole community, which included representatives of the following groups:

  • aliens, including unauthorized workers, immigrants, whatever their status is.
  • participants in the commerce of these individuals, their status is less important than the status of their fellow citizens, however, they are often discriminated based on the gender basis, woman and men status, immigrant and non-immigrants, etc.
  • subjects of third parties (whether they are foreigners or residents of the USA) have the right to the US visa.
  • visa overstays. The most important aspect of the visa is the preceding 2 years, during which 5 visas were issued. The visas are subject to normal restrictions, however, the aliens are still subject to visa obligations.