What is always put in the spotlight of media. We are ready to show it to you. Pro-Papers is ready to become a reliable companion of yours.

What is always put in the spotlight of media. We are ready to show it to you. Pro-Papers is ready to become a reliable companion of yours.

Starting from a university, students face a huge number of different types of academic assignments. Each of them has certain useful functions, contrary to a widespread opinion of young people that all this paperwork is needed only to deprive them of opportunity to enjoy life and have fun. Let’s clarify why everyone who wants to achieve success in life should know what is a persuasive essay and be able to write such papers.

Importance of persuasive essay writing

An ability to persuade surrounding people is one of the most valuable qualities of a person. It helps us to build harmonious relationships with friends and colleagues, increases self-confidence in personal and professional life. Persuasion is a conscious human need which induces an individual to act in accordance with certain value orientations.

This term is used in two senses: as a system of attitudes accepted by a person and giving a definite direction to their activities; as an impact on an individual or mass consciousness in order to change behavior, attitudes, values of people. Unlike inculcation, persuasion is based on a sensible and deliberate accepting of any information or ideas, their analysis and evaluation. It is always accompanied by a need and desire of a person to put accepted ideas into practice.

An art of persuasion is honed over years. It is a well-staged show. Its main participants are you and an object of your impact. Such a definition implies understanding of needs and desires of a reader, their decision-making criteria, as well as providing them with necessary information in ways that correspond to their wishes.

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A manipulator spends a significant time on creation of a short-lived facade, while a master of persuasion builds a fortress of their success purposefully. They paint an image which is a part of their personality, gives them a power to determine decisions of other people. Such an image always shows clearly who its owner is, that they improve it consciously in order to achieve goals set quickly in any situation, without going beyond existing ethical norms.

A master of persuasion always seeks to understand the world around and people with whom they have to communicate, wants to know what drives them to make certain decisions. Such a person is interested in desires, dreams and aims of everyone who are objects of persuasion – not only in terms of reaching personal goals but also for establishing long-term relationships based on mutual benefit.

A process of persuasion involves not only satisfaction of physical but also emotional needs of people. If a presentation of the best product sold at a lowest price was carried out ineptly, without using right persuasive methods, a buyer would prefer an expensive product a presentation of which was convincing.

Persuasion should not be associated only with trading operations. Moreover, such influence presupposes a mutual consent and support of parties. It consists in finding points of contact between people, understanding their goals and interests, developing mutual understanding and cooperation skills.

An effect of persuasion is especially noticeable in critical situations, for example, when deadlines are burning and a need cannot be found. An effect of this factor is especially noticeable in critical situations, for example, when an important text for an analytical physics research paper is written on the last day before a defense. When a student faces criticism from a teacher and finds it difficult to bring an assignment to perfection, it is easier to think of some actions that she could take.

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  • How to start a persuasive essay?
  • If you are going to write an essay, it is necessary to give a clear answer to a question: how to start a persuasive essay? The following options are used frequently in practice:

  • Indirect quotes from speeches of famous people.
  • Summary statements from websites.

  • Essays of bloggers, blogs, forums, interviews with speakers of magazines, etc.

  • Response papers, blogs, forums, reviews, essays of varying degrees of complexity.
  • Ego

    In the system of argumentation, you will need to show your personal attitude to the topic of your essay. The most important thing is to demonstrate own thoughts and the ability to discuss the chosen topic.

    The following methods are used to make sure that you touch the subject and not just to recite something that is already known by the audience.

  • Structure of the paper.

  • Introduction (formulation of the problem, thesis).
  • Body (analysis and comparison of strategies, development of an action plan, description of consequences).
  • Conclusion.
  • How to write an introduction for a persuasive essay?

    Use the unique opportunity to create an engaging hook for essay that will make the reader fall in love with the text and read it thoroughly. The easiest way to do it is to choose the central idea of your essay.

    Use the opportunity to show your creativity. The essay is a free genre.