What is an addiction in society?”, our dedicated writing experts want to answer the question: in your opinion, what is addiction and what is known by the current generation of people?

What is an addiction in society?”, our dedicated writing experts want to answer the question: in your opinion, what is addiction and what is known by the current generation of people?

The problem of alcoholism is especially acute among the younger generation. In adolescence, the individual begins to experience real pleasures and experiences a true manhood, begins to pay attention to own appearance. And the more attention he pays to the external features of women, their ability to look beautiful, do elegant things.

But the tone of this desire is not equal to the intensity of the sense of self-respect in youth. The youthful desire for good marks is quite normal. What is unusual, however, is the rapid rate of transition from childhood to adulthood, the speed of decay of the second personality. Addiction to games is typical for teenagers with an automatic affective attitude towards most everything around.

It is Ferlin Harley’s music and video game addiction essay. After analyzing the qualities and behaviors of a young person who played musical instruments for a long time, the author claims that his enthusiasm will fade away at the next stage of the educational path. It is recommended to describe his experience with respect in such paper.

It is also worth to mention the details of the transition from childhood to adulthood, the formation of a individual temperament in the process of acquiring an independent role. It is particularly noticeable in the process of adaptation for creative-analytical works.

The formation of the psyche in the process of writing is not identical with the process of ego growth. Young people try to bypass all potential irritants, and as a result, lose their motivation, develop a sense of responsibility, and their mood often changes. Good homework is one of the most useful tools to stimulate the unconscious need for learning.

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However, it should be noted in essays on video games addiction that, in addition to the objective need for learning, there is also a psychological need for effective communication, for overcoming the problem of communication. One of the main unconscious functions of the mind is the maintenance of self-doubt, which, however, can cause pains in the game addiction.

Alternatively, the game addiction is linked with the deficiencies of the emotional life. The person can’t seem to settle in the present, and the mind tends to soar. The idealization of the virtual world and the artificial adoption of virtual relationships can lead to the development of a fixation on the basis of which the consciousness “ends” in the unconscious form. Such cases are often followed by the development of a strong, stable, courageous, and healthy person. Such examples are often described in the books on computer games addiction.

Such pathological phenomena are often characteristic for teenagers with psychological problems. They can’t accept a reality from which they have never thought about negative concepts. They have to rely on external, personal, virtual, and rational arguments, and hence the person suffers from the misunderstanding of the world around.

Regardless of the originality of the form of the personality, it is worth Formulating a diagnostic test. The test is aimed at measuring the degree of stability of the individual, the harmony between the individual and the creation of the whole personality.

The match between the scheme of the interpersonal relationship and the structure of the person is measured, and the extent to which the match is satisfactory to the criterion of the IQ. The IQ is a highly individual, and its constant and constant value depends on a number of factors, the qualities of the person and their positions in the social structure of society.

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The collapse of the psychological need for gaming is observed. As a result, the gaming activity is gradually reduced, each individual has to think, feels, and so on. Slowly, the gaming loses its value, and the person begins to lose hope for the resolution of life, the idealization of own personality.

When people are engaged in violent games, they play “The Veldt” which is a special title in the German version of the game. The virtual world is based on the real world. The virtual one is reproduced here. The computer character is pure, noble and highly moral. The character of the individual is not only his intelligence and physical strength, but also the ability to think, act, and responsibly. The computer character is designed to embody these qualities.

Because of the virtual reality’s openness, the person can’t be altogether limited by the static image of himself. The virtual reality, having become the center of the individual’s self-esteem, begins to cause the desire to penetrate other people. As a virtual person, the person feels a strong aversion to others, begins to dislike himself, even people, which are associated with him at work, education, marriage, scientific activity, etc.

Due to the fact that a person can’t isolate his virtual self-consciousness, the temptation to fill the mind with all sorts of thoughts, create something and feel a virtual reality is often strong.