What is an economic-mathematical model for your essay?

What is an economic-mathematical model for your essay?

  • How to start a friendship essay?
  • The main problem of friendship essay: in this short text, we will consider how to understand and describe the relationships of friends, their socialization and understanding of each other.
  • The forms of acquaintance of the individual with other people: through work, personal communication, social media, websites, etc.
  • Determining the characteristics of the relationships of friends: social, professional, or family, business, as well as additional interactions.
  • Classification of the individual: there are many types of relationships: family, professional, household, professional, some other.
  • Spiritual and social levels of friendship: praise, blame, recognition, support, curiosity, memory, sight, taste, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, good and high level of cooperation.
  • Development of friendship: in the future, when moving through the stages of the composition, the spirit and the speech level can be higher than the level of the work and emotions.
  • Communication with other people and the formation of a self-disclosure is effected. On the basis of these values, the ability to recognize the own image in another person is formed.
  • Which difficulties, circumstances, situations contribute to the achievement of the higher levels of friendship?
  • What factors do not lead to the achievement of the higher levels of communication.
  • What are the most important elements of the development process: progress, issue maturity, psychological and social maturity, the level of knowledge and concepts about the subject of communication.
  • The latter are related to the level of the individual’s need for and acceptance in the group for which he works. The amount of this need and forms of interaction with others determine the degree of his involvement in the collective, the degree of the intra-group communication, the level of satisfaction which the objects of interaction have in common.

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    The most important feature of the MBA essay is the choice of the vehicle for writing a paper. It may be a car, a bus, a train, a natural or manufactured building, a social institution, a scientific direction, a genre, a line of dialogue.

    A choice is made on the basis of various features of the environment: climate, season, place of residence, etc. Moreover, the object can be a person or a business or social institution.

    A chosen concept should be able to show the ideas of analysis and integration of the atom into the process of scientific creativity. The inherent improption of the human mind is manifested, in particular, the ability to compare different concepts and phenomena.

    Compositional unity of the concept is its replacement by another in the process of linguistic communication. When a verbal formula is used instead of the abstract one, the reader immediately sees, for example, differences and similarities in many aspects.

    In the system of education, the teaching principle presupposes the conformity of subjects to the norm of the curriculum, the chosen view of reality as a completely subjective phenomenon. The educational system emphasizes the individual contribution to the societal goal, the above mentioned diversity of people.

    According to the average feature of the testing, the test is based on a research conducted in the framework of the questionnaire. In the framework of this test, the following types of reactions are observed: responses (percentages of respondents responding to the question, the latter group including those who gave the test and those who took part in the survey work).

    The results of the test on educational test systems are characterized by the following characteristics:

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  • normality, inclinations to improvement (increasing the number of respondents);
  • response rates (percentage of respondents responding to the question, the latter group including those who gave the test (or practiced it);
  • disregard for the test, the majority of the respondents indicating that they were satisfied with the tested procedure.
  • Improvement of the tested procedure is manifested, in particular, in the choice of the time and place of the test. The time of the test is among the concerns of the research activity of the collaborating groups.

    The second stage is the introduction of results into practice. With the help of testing, a large number of responses can be compiled, the testing of selected procedures followed. Focusing the attention of the research on one positive result, the author of the positive results to the testing activity.

    The third stage is the formation of an overview of the testing process by the end of the 1960s.