What is an error in the socialist dream logic: material wealth is a manifestation of the collective spirit and the only fruit of the whole human personality. All this is utterly in vain.

What is an error in the socialist dream logic: material wealth is a manifestation of the collective spirit and the only fruit of the whole human personality. All this is utterly in vain.

In America, material practice makes money from the fear of poverty, and the only thing that is valuable is money, which encourages all social movements. The elite members of the population, with their access to the creative and economic activity, felt a real excitement after the Anglo-Saxons withdrew from the market and began to increase their income through the underground. The huge influx of free time, in turn, also influenced the way people see themselves and their position in society. So, feel free to use the feelings of the society as a basis for the essay on income inequality.

Visit the Internet on the library of your university – it may help you write a literature on income inequality. Good luck with the sources of information is the main tool used to create a successful essay. But the most important part of the information is the school library, which not only has the highest marks in the country but also is the source of the raw materials that create the unique American literature. Hired specialist constitutes the vast community of readers, and because of the activity of students in the country, the literary work is infused with an amazing dynamic. Simply put, the social life of the majority of the population of the United States is the result of a large number of individuals having a valuable and creative position in the society, within the framework of which different types and styles of economic activity arise.

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But if you need to write the negative effects of income inequality essay, the library of the leftovers of the past years’ works may be very useful. The first thing that interests the vast majority of users is the analysis of the social and economic changes in the country. The country is a “hole” in the material world of the United States. The society is awash in contradictions which are expressed in the competition of ideas, in the struggle for the elite positions. The contradiction between the rich and the poor has become a common phenomenon. It can be resolved, for example, if the farm system is more efficient, the number of people employed in agriculture is higher, and the price of agricultural products is higher.

But the most important result that such advances in the agricultural sphere have produced is a shift in the social structure of the country. The agricultural family is a ideal target for social activities of the middle class because it is well aware of all the shortcomings of the time and soil on which the family depends. The modern model of agriculture is based on the traditions of the older generations, on the experience of the people who set the social value of the world and did not contribute to its decline.

Social activity, in turn, is based on the activity of the middle class in the state sphere. It is its ideal counterpart, the embodiment of the future. The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure. Free channels of upward vertical mobility, clear prospects for social growth based on education and high qualifications should ensure a sufficient level of welfare for the middle class.

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It also should be noted in essays on social inequality that, in addition to the stabilizing of the middle class, there is another factor that should be included in the discussions about income inequality: the negative processes in the labor market are commonly associated with the migration of independent producers, increased specialization and lower class units, the disconnection of the middle class from other social structures, the lack of unity in the labor market, the increase in the instability of the middle class, the decrease in the scope of occupational base, the decrease in the opportunities of social mobility.

Workplace sociology is the study of a dynamic equilibrium among the members of the population, which allows to provide the most reliable data on the degree of social stratification, and the ways in which different groups of people are interacting in the marketplace. The topic is broader than income inequality and political democracy. It allows us to understand the dynamics of the processes of socialization and the changes that occur in response to changing conditions. The wage is the value of the results produced by all members of the population in the process of employment, income inequality, marriage, adoption, death.

In the framework of the income inequality topic, you can formulate the following questions: the value of the middle class in the social hierarchy, its role in the social process, its influence on the social market, the nature of its income, opportunities, and equality of opportunities, factors that contribute to the achievement of the citizen’s social goals, and so on.