What is and How to write a personal Narrative?

What is and How to write a personal Narrative?
Hi, I am taking this English course in college and we are suppose to write an essay on a event in our life that was very challenging, how we overcame it and what we learn from it.
Anyways this assignment is not due now, but We are suppose to write a personal narrative about it and I don’t now what it is. So, please give me a example of how to write a personal narrative for an essay and like is it just a one pargraph thing where you sumarize your entire thing about what you are going to write about it or what. so help me out here

Thanks to everyone in advance.

A personal narrative is a little like a letter to a friend about something significant that happened in your life, how you dealt with it, and what you learned about yourself or life in general. For example, let’s say I was told I had cancer. I would describe my thoughts and feelings about this very devastating diagnosis. Then I would describe what I did about it – got a second opinion, took the doctor’s advice on treatment, joined a support group, researched alternative treatments, etc. I would also write about what I learned: that the cancer I had was prevalent in my family, that my dietary and lifestyle habits may have contributed to my contracting the cancer, and what I planned to do to prevent a recurrence.
In my opinion, personal narratives are among the easiest to write because no one knows the subject matter better than you do. Good luck!