what is AP language like?

what is AP language like?
I’m going to take AP Lang and I just want to know what I should expect.
And if i should get out while I still can.

Don’t listen to this other guy (ignorant turd). There are a ton of essays (we wrote about 30 or so), BUT, if you can’t write a good essay, the whole point is TO LEARN HOW. I wasn’t too bad at writing essays, but not only did I get better, but I learned about several different types of essays (DCQ, synthesis, argument analysis, rhetorical analysis, etc). I’m a junior now and I took AP Language and Composition this year and it was worth every bad grade (not that I care about grades; it’s about what you get from the class). Take the class and if you don’t think you can handle it, then simply drop. Giving it your best is all that really counts.

EDIT: WhereYouAt, I didn’t mean to bash you, but to say “If you can’t write an essay, give up” is the worst advice to give the man. The whole point is to learn how. I, too, was in AP Lang/Comp…