what is applying for college like?

what is applying for college like?
what kind of things happen? what do you need to do? what kinds of things did you need to have? what was the overall experience like?


First, you look at the colleges you want to apply to. Then you either pick if you wanna do an online application or a paper application. Online is faster but paper is safer IMO because some people don’t like throwing their SSN on the internet. (I did both).

You will need your transcript and SSN, SAT/ACT scores, essay, letter of recommdation, interview. Everything they ask is basic, name, address, e-mail, ect, your SAT scores, ect.

SAT/ACT, Essay, interview, letter of recommendation all of that depends on the college. Some colleges require them others dont.

You can get a fee waiver from your guidance counselor if you meet the requirements for it. Then you send the application in w/ your fee waiver if you so happen to receive one.

Then you play the waiting game. You til they send you a letter or acceptance or a letter of rejection. If you get accepted to more than 1 college you choose which one you want to commit too. Then you pay the advance registration deposit by the due date (the amount varies depending on which college you go to. A public state college will be much cheaper than a private one).

Then you just keep getting in contact with that college through mail, e-mail, and phone calls until you get everything done and cleared to attend in the fall or whenever you decide to attend.

That’s basically it. It’s pretty easy but may seem hard and confusing at first. But once you do it once or twice its cake. If you need help ask your classmate, teachers, or guidance counselors.