What is Beauty- a good heart or a good face?

What is Beauty- a good heart or a good face?
I am in urgent need of an essay(1500 words) on the topic ‘What is Beauty- a good heart or a good face?’. Please do help me out with a good essay.

1500 words isn’t too bad, esp on this subject as there is a lot to write about. Here is a general outline —-

What is beauty — first write what “you” think is beauty, whether it be inside or on the outside, or be honest and say its a good amount of both that equals beauty.

1. Now, talk about societies view on beauty and its detrimental effects on the idea of beauty and it being superficial instead of skin deep. ( you should be able to write a lot about this)

2. Now, talk about how beauty has changed over the past centuries and what was considered beautiful back then is no more and has warped into this unrealistic fantasy IE victoria secret, skinny trend, straight hair, etc. For instance, back in the day if you were skinny it would be considered that you were poor, and be a tad chubby meant you were wealthy. Again, a lot you should be able to write about this 🙂

3. alrighty, to finish, as always, add a conclusion, and state your opinion again on what you think is actual beauty. List your reasons, and convey them with a distinct meaning behind them.

Good luck! Hope this gives you some ideas. 🙂 ~Laura