What is better to show colleges 24 act or 1710 SAT?

What is better to show colleges 24 act or 1710 SAT?
what is better score to send to colleges, a 24 composite score for ACT, or a 1710 score for SAT ( 740 Math, 190 Reading, 780 writing). for the ACT i still have not gotten back the essay score, but i also don’t know what that counts for in the eyes of colleges admissions. thank you

Both. The national average for ACT scores is a 21, and 24 is good. Usually, you have to get at least a 27 to start getting scholarships though. For the colleges you apply to, look at the minimum ACT score they accept too for an idea. Also, it depends on which schools you apply to. Many schools on the east coast will take the SAT score more heavily, and don’t really care too much about the ACT score, although they still have to take it into consideration…while other schools say in like… Colorado…would be partial to the ACT score. SAT’s are considered “harder” in a way…not everyone agrees with this, but honestly, i’d just show them both…because in a way, it gives you just that much more advantage to someone who took only one of the tests–shows more work from your part