What is called aggression in society. Aggression is a tendency or a set of inclinations expressed in real behavior or fantasies the purpose of which is to harm another person or group of people, to destroy, humiliate, coerce them to some actions, etc.

What is called aggression in society. Aggression is a tendency or a set of inclinations expressed in real behavior or fantasies the purpose of which is to harm another person or group of people, to destroy, humiliate, coerce them to some actions, etc.

Violence has manifest and structural forms. Structural violence has the character of public recognition. It is represented in culture, social symbols, political rituals and attributes. So, this is a form of legitimate abuse. Manifest violence varies in social, family, and sexual terms. Both of these types are used in destructive forms of conflict development, characterized by hostility, aggressiveness in relations, cause intentional or local damage.

As a solution to domestic violence paper, it’s worth mentioning that people have established ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ forms of control over the manifestations of cruelty. ‘Primary’ control has the character of social, cultural traditions and customs. Universalized norms are designed to maintain public order. ‘Secondary’ control is carried out with the help of special authorities, primarily state (police, social workers, teachers, etc.).

Violence for revenge is characteristic to both primitive and civilized groups of people. However, a mature healthy person is less motivated by a thirst for revenge than a weak or neurotic. For the latter, revenge has become a form of restoration of self-esteem and identity, an element of personal movement. Erich Fromm showed the relationship between the intensity of the sense of revenge and economic, cultural savagery, the impoverishment of social groups.

Johan Galtung, describing structural violence, focused on cultural abuse of force. He noted that structural violence begins to be perceived as fair or, in any case, not a bad thing. Justification of violence is not something permanent in society. It can grow, turn into the principle of social relations (for example, the growth of class / racial hatred), or people may refuse such an assessment and lean towards humanity, universal values, the concept of cooperation. Accordingly, there is a change in social orientations and policies.

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Definition of the concept ’family’

To prove the importance of your abusive relationship essay, note that the family has always been at the center of attention of social thought, progressive figures and scientists. And this is not surprising. The family is a system of human social functioning which is influenced not only by socio-political conditions but also by internal processes of its development.

In its significance, the role of the family is not comparable to any other social institutions, since the personality is formed and develops through the practice of sexual interaction. Therefore, the analysis of the function, causes and conditions of family behavior is important.

The main things characteristic of the family are the three main functions:

  • Normative social function. The family serves as the cultural and social center, the embryo of the future. Therefore, the study of its socialization is carried out. That is why the study of the family is often included in the curriculum of educational institutions, departments, and universities.
  • Personal social status (the degree of social mobility and openness between the marriage partners). The difference between the positions of husbands and wives is generally greater in social and economic terms.
  • Conformative role is the quality of the marriage. The results of the marriage differ in terms of the functions of the marriage: the birth of a child, the parenting of a spouse, the distribution of household activities, child care, etc.
  • The results of the most complex socio-demographic processes in the family. The cause of child births is higher than the causes of marriage, especially for girls. The phenomenon of infant mortality is more than three times higher than the number of marriages. The cause of child marriages is the unequal gender situation which can lead to the lifelong subordination of girls and women.

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    Media exploitation

    Sometimes it is easy to expose the exploitation, for example, if the child is engaged in hard and dangerous physical labour to buy some food. In other cases, everything is not so obvious, for example, when parents force children to pass overly rigid sports training, to take part in beauty contests or film them for Youtube for hours. It’s also worth describing such situations in an against child labour essay.

    Adults are guided by own ambitions and desire to earn money with the help of the child, even if they violate his real interests. At the same time, for the other adults, the child becomes an object of entertainment.

    At children’s beauty contests which are especially popular in America, girls should look as adults, walk along the podium in thematic costumes, bathing suits and evening dresses. Toddlers & Tiaras is the bright example of beauty contest devoted to the kids. This show was canceled. Such shows are not only far from good taste. They also can seriously damage a child.