What is considered to be a good SAT score?

What is considered to be a good SAT score?
I’m taking the SAT on December 3rd, and I’m freaking out! I’m only a junior right now, so I’ll have the opportunity to take the test multiple times to get the best score. I took a practice test last month and I scored an 1844…is that good? What should my goal be?

That is definitely a good score.

I took the real SAT without any real practice tests and I only got a 1690 (about 1700, around 560 each section). But multiple factors are associated with the real one. For instance, if you were like me and you printed off the wrong sheet and didn’t have a registration number, that could worry you like it did me and ruin your grade. Another issue could be a badly written essay, something I unfortunately did. I followed my tutor’s guidance a little too closely and spent way too long thinking out my ideas. Ended up not having enough time. And third, never spend too much time on one section when you study. I spent 3 or 4 weeks with my tutor going over vocabulary, practically forgetting everything else she taught me so I could memorize hundreds of words that didn’t even raise my scores that highly. Vary your studying instead.

Naturally, your real SAT score will probably be a bit lower than the practice ones. Because when I took the online practice SAT on college board, I got 690 in writing (perfect 12 essay vs. 6 essay), 670 in math, and 610 in reading, for a grand total of 1970. 280 points higher than my actual SAT. I also did a few practice tests in a book and got around 660-710 each time in the math section while my CR and Writing hovered at the 580-620 range.

Just keep in mind that your SAT will probably drop a bit from the practice tests considering the factors, influences, and stresses associated (or not associated) with each one.