What is due to the action of the comrades: comrades organize their activities, management provides support to families and social organizations.

What is due to the action of the comrades: comrades organize their activities, management provides support to families and social organizations.

You can provide the following definition of this concept in a “What is community?” essay: the collective unconscious and organized support system, the interdependence of the individual and the creation of a community, the harmony of individuals and the realization of the common thoughts, the search for and development of a common worldview.

The Web is a relatively safe space, which allows creating an environment for the accumulation and manifestation of various ideas, various forms of expression, the exchange of information, as well as different forms of artistic activity. The Web is not only a way to get information, but also a place where the individual can learn to express his thoughts, to discuss the chosen topic and to find solutions to various problems, thereby expanding the already existing knowledge, as well as enhancing the already existing skills. As an activity in the Web is similar to the passing-by conversation, it is always accompanied by a process of compensation, i.e. the process of transferring data, almost always accompanied by the creation of a proprietary information.

In the period of early adulthood (from 20 years), the psychological needs of a person are normally described in the motivational characteristics essay. The formation of the future mature and psychological needs is indicated in the second half of the life of a person. In the course of the adult period, perception of own personality and the problem of relationships with others is at the heart of the desire to rid yourself of the burden of these characteristics.

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As a rule, the means of adaptation are the same for everyone. The struggle for the adaptation of the individual takes place. However, in the case of the disproportionate reliance on the environment from the outside, the struggle turns into stagnation. In this regard, the characteristic feature of the “early” period is the propensity of the individual to a certain degree of self-disclosure, the desire for self-realization, advancement.

Typically, the struggle takes place in the field of sociology, medicine, journalism, or law, and so on. In the movement for community leadership, the struggle for equality usually takes place in the sphere of economics, sociology, medicine, etc. Moreover, it is not difficult to find examples of a profession that is associated with the history of the profession, if the community in the state knows how to achieve equality.

  • The second stage is the formation of a professional nucleus. The process of its growth is characteristic of any successful transitional stage. It is usually used to inherit the characteristics of the individual: he begins to speak with other people using a public language, acquiring a number of basic skills, managing a whole population, etc.
  • In the modern form, the process of person formation is usually characterized by two stages. The first one is the transition from the individual to the public consciousness, and this is the process of stagification of the individual. After some time, the personality develops the ability to speak and act with people, making him an excellent specialist. However, if in the situation of sacrifice, the personality is incapable of all these qualities, and the aspiration for equality is typically suppressed.

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    The second stage is the transition from the collective to the separating consciousness. The individual is free from collectives, organizations, sales, exchanges, etc. They lose their significance. The share of “public consciousness” is reduced, the public instinct takes the back position. The second stage is the formation of a personal attitude towards the community, which, in the process of communication with others, is also gradually suppressed.

    Thus, in the field of communication with others, the individual generally loses all values, gains only the negative sense of dissatisfaction, becomes blind when it comes to the problems of communication. Communication becomes trivial, pointless, and interaction with a friend or an entire society is seen only as a transaction of economic differences between the partners.

    But communication is always both times Communicative and individual. At the first stage, the individual needs to be very attentive and extremely attentive, so that the communication with others will be carried out smoothly. In the second stage, the communication becomes emotional, personal, and intimate. The friend is the most important instrument for establishing contact with the surrounding people, providing the actual material aid or hardship in the path of communication.

    The characteristic feature of interpersonal communication is the comfort of the individual, the ability to share the information and ideas which the friend has. Moreover, such communication is usually preceded by a mutual discussion of the individual, the opportunity to share own thoughts and ideas. These are the qualities of a person.

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    The course of modern communication is characterised by a rapid evolution, in which new types of news, information, in new forms of expressions, are introduced. The nature of the nature of communication also is revolutionised.