What is enough about the demographic problem that exists nowadays. Now, it is time to talk about the economic side of the problem of population aging.

What is enough about the demographic problem that exists nowadays. Now, it is time to talk about the economic side of the problem of population aging.

The economic side of aging is the fact that, according to the demographic studies, the population of older generations suffers from a different type of illness, which is called chronic poverty. The main symptom of this type is persistent depression of the social life of the elderly, which is being a huge problem for the developing countries. The main fact is that the older a man, the fewer chances he has for successful working, home and education, which, in turn, lead to a rapid deterioration in social status. This problem is one of the most urgent for today’s population. We should note here that the link between smoking and the lack of life expectancy is already present in the family. The reason for this is the so-called reverse effect: the youth is the period of the most intense socialization and learning activity. Consequently, adolescence is a critical period of the life cycle. the activity of the teenager in the family is regulated by the activity of the elders: education and upbringing.

In this regard, it is easy to point out that the solution to the juvenile mortality problem is the maintenance of life at the stage of life. This is why the number of births is closely related to the population level.

There are two trends in the family: in the early twentieth century, the family was able to provide a decent living for a young family. The percentage of children was higher than the number of births. The number of deaths among urban residents was higher than in rural areas. The number of suicides among urban residents was 10 times higher than in rural areas.

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Marriage evolves bringing to the forefront the importance of matrimony status as a independent value. The transformation of love into the main motive widens the range of moral requirements of the spouses to each other, increases the expectations. The marriage and sexual intimacy are becoming more intimate. The number of self-murder, domestic violence and child abuse increases.

Summing up, it should be noted in a population aging essay that, in addition to the problems of population aging, there are other aspects of global importance, which should be described in an aging population research paper: in 2050, according to experts’ assumptions, the population of the world’s population will double.

We can also note in an aging population essay that today, mankind lives beyond normal environmental conditions. The current size of the population, exceeding 7 billion, is too large. And the consequences are felt by the whole planet: the oceans and seas are devastated, all large areas of the earth suffer from mining and agriculture, the tropical forests and other ecologically important wild areas decrease catastrophically. Fields for cattle, areas for food and energy plants, as well as zones for planting fruit and other trees arise in their place.

For this reason, it is worthwhile to seriously think about reducing population. But it is not about radical measures infringing on human rights. The world community should resort to a reasonable limitation of population growth rates, as well as to encouraging spatial distribution of people.

Writing an essay on the ecological effects of increased population, you may describe the picture of the future world. The following features characterize a society that, in its development, goes beyond permissible limits, uses Earth reserves faster than they can be restored, is freed from production waste polluting the environment faster than the planet can absorb or recycle these wastes:

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  • waste products accumulate and increasingly pollute the environment;
  • more and more investments, energy, materials, labor, etc. in the national economy;
  • more investment, more loans, etc. in the social sector;
  • more loans, material, and labor opportunities, etc. in the commercial sector.
  • In such conditions, it is easy to say that mankind is facing a serious problem in terms of population: overpopulation is increased by the product of excessive population growth caused by the increase in the population level.

    There is a dangerous situation due to the changes in the population’s attitude towards many aspects of life, including health. The population, having become pregnant and having borne children, begins to consume more energy, and therefore, has to reduce its level of consumption of energy on a sustained basis.

    Mention in your population problem solving essay that, in principle, there is nothing problematic in the demographic process itself. Effects of aging, in turn, are quite easy to foresee. The population, having grown a lot, will inevitably suffer from decreases in the number of children and elderly people.

    Problem of population aging

    A problem of population aging is especially acute among the urban population.