What is enough about the US income inequality essay. It is also important to mention the changes that have occurred in the last 10 years.

What is enough about the US income inequality essay. It is also important to mention the changes that have occurred in the last 10 years.

Corruption in the United States

One of the issues that interest all researchers in the United States is corruption. At the end of last century, the word “corruption” was invented in the American dictionary. The literal translation is close to the word “bias”. In any case, this word denotes not only one layer present at the crime scene but also an entire society.

Corruption exists in many states. Its international character is universally recognized. In legal instruments, it is defined as one of the global problems in ensuring international order. The world community seeks to unite efforts in preventing and combating this phenomenon. Currently, measures to prevent corruption are presented in different programs:

  • The UN Global Programme against Corruption;
  • The UN Declaration against Corruption and Bribery in International Commercial Transactions;
  • The UN Convention against Corruption, etc.
  • Experts study and summarize the experience of individual states and the practice of international cooperation. Conferences, lectures and seminars are held on the UN and Council of Europe conventions.

    Mention in how to stop corruption essay that cooperation helps states to develop unified administrative and legal means to fulfill their obligations in the field of preventing and combating bribery in the public service system. World experience should be taken into account in national legislation.

    During the 20th century, among the industrialized countries, the United States, Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore were the most ambitious and uncompromising in struggle against corruption.

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    Information for government corruption essay about USA

    One of the initiators of active counteraction to bribery inside the country and on the international arena was the United States having significant experience in this area.

    In the US Constitution adopted in 1787, corruption was described as one of the gravest crimes. An impeachment can be declared due to the offense to the US president.

    In the second part of XX century, government decided to use special methods to fight corruption in the United States. In particular, the FBI specialists have developed and successfully carried out the operation called ABSCAM. FBI agents were introduced into corrupt networks under the guise of mediators of Arab millionaires.

    They offered high-level government officials and congressmen big bribes for promoting their commercial interests. As a result of the operation, for only one year, more than two hundred state employees were dismissed for crimes. This is a perfect example of effective strategy for political corruption in America essay.

    The beginning of a real fight against corruption in the United States dates back to the 70s of the last century. The shock of a scandal associated with the activities of the American company Lockheed in Japan which led to the resignation of the government of the country prompted American lawmakers to adopt a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in 1977. This document outlawed the bribery of foreign officials by American citizens and companies.

    However, the business community complained that the state’s tough attitude seriously undermines the position of American companies operating in a corrupt environment of the Third World countries. As a result, the act was amended in 1988.

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    However, the situation has not changed. In particular, in one of the studies published in journal The Economist in 1995, it was stated that in 1994-1995, American companies have lost about 100 contracts abroad for a total approximate sum $45 billion. These deals were concluded by less principled competitors.

    According to the report of the US Department of Commerce prepared in 1996 with the assistance of special services, American firms suffered losses estimated at $11 billion because their rivals resorted to corruption. On this basis, a campaign was launched in the United States to force other OECD countries to declare subornation of foreign officials to be a crime.

    At that time, the Clinton administration announced the OECD negotiations on bribery as one of the priorities in the activities of the US Department of State. Thus, the Americans wanted to make their competitors act on equal terms.

    At the beginning of the third millennium, in order to strengthen measures to combat corruption and assist American companies in solving this problem at the international level, the US Department of Commerce created a hotline on Internet. Any firm got the opportunity to report on cases of bribery when concluding international contracts.

    However, in recent years, the scale of bribery in the US economy has once again reached such a level that the state had to organize a large-scale attack against corrupt officials. The US government has adopted a number of new laws and has brought a great number of businessmen to justice.

    Italian experience for political corruption essay

    Another vivid example of the effective fight against bribery that should be mentioned in politics and corruption essay is Operation Clean Hands conducted in Italy in the early 1990s. The campaign showed staggering results.

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    In the Apennines, a cult of offerings and gifts reigns, so subornation has long ceased to be a serious crime in the minds of the inhabitants.