What is equal. All partners are on equal footing. It is the easiest to treat them, and this is how it is natural. All people are on the same page.

What is equal. All partners are on equal footing. It is the easiest to treat them, and this is how it is natural. All people are on the same page.

The terminology is often used in a feminine form. In fact, according to sociologists, there are more male homosexuals than heterosexuals (Carpenter & Gates, 2008. P. 584-585). From 8 to 21% of lesbians and gays have a stable non-traditional orientation, while 1% of heterosexuals has converted into homosexual. Think about it. Express the fact that homosexuals and heterosexuals have equal rights.

Unfortunately, many people were deceived by the religious circles. The idea of a equal distribution of benefits was shared by some liberal groups in the 1960s and 1970s. The increase in the number of LGBT people was not welcomed by some religious groups. The Church of Bishops of the Anglican Church decided to abandon prohibition of the ordination of priests by unorthodox priests sexual orientation: now the church allows priests of non-traditional orientation to serve their life, and this information was widely disseminated at all levels of the Anglican Church.

However, the Church did not lose its fight against homosexuality. In fact, it continues to promote tolerance and acceptance of people of non-traditional orientation. The church maintains the position that a person can be a member of the clergy and the clergy continues to speak out against homosexuality. Cardinal Vic (the founder of the Catholic Church) spoke against same-sex marriages: in his opinion, they violate the tradition of respecting the dignity of the clergy.

Modern researchers found that the ideology of the majority of Protestant Christians leads to a position similar to the position of the traditional Christian ideology on sexual orientation. The latter group of values understands homosexuality as a human difference, and therefore, encompasses all manifestations of sexuality, including homosexual. Since the very word and concept of “homosexuality” have become part of the public consciousness, we may state in a gay marriage essay conclusion that most modern conceptions of homosexuality, whatever they are called, are conceptions of sexual orientation, formed on the basis of the historical experience of the Christian Church.

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Similarly, the concept of marriage implies a union of a man and a woman whether they are inseminated by a sexual act or by personal choice. Married couples are a “foundation” for the Christian community, the standard by which the chosen ones are brought up. The concept of marriage is designed to unite spouses together and to achieve the goal of life. The most important purpose of marriage is to provide a common life position and the most important socialization of the individual. marriage is the most effective way to bring the offender to the divine status.

In the same-sex marriage research paper, state that the idea of “traditional marriage” is associated with the activity of the Church of Jesus and the promulgation of the Gospel of Love. The Church of Jesus lived in harmony with nature, and is mentioned in the Talmud as the best institution of marriage. Marriage is considered as the act of mutual service between spouses regardless of their individual characteristics.

Today, the expression “gay marriage” is becoming more and more common. The. The. According to the Gallup Survey, in the late 2000s, the feelings of people who have sex with people of their sex, even when they are opposite, are deeply ingrained and become a part of their personality. Nearly six of the respondents believed that the essence of marriage is the marriage of a man and a woman. Only 15% of them have a mindset of “traditional marriage” and its revolutionaries.

The Essence of Human Sexuality

In ancient Greece, in many later societies, the passion for intimate contact was regarded as one of the main ways of satisfying the need for pleasure and pleasure. Having reached a certain age, people ceased to experience pain and were able to satisfy their needs simply through the orgasm.

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However, today, the concept of “traditional marriage” is far from obsolete. The increasing interest in the human body becomes reflected in the work of science and the attitude of society to the problem of sexual orientation. The basic theories of sexuality reflect the research of real phenomena and the knowledge of how these phenomena are formed and acquired. The natural and structural features and the dynamics of the motivation to sexual activity are determined by the complexity of the tasks and the influence of the natural selection process on the processes of sexuality.

Science is focused on the study of the formation process of sexuality, involving sexuality, birth, childhood, and adolescence. Sexual orientation is one of the main biological “institutions” in the system of human sexuality. All persons are bisexual by nature and this characteristic is inherent, which does not depend on the genetic background of the population.

Biological research is focused on the study of the human sexuality “at the stage of structural and functional formation”. In particular, the focus is on the emotional background of sexual orientation, its transformations through the life of the individual.