What is forgiveness ?

What is forgiveness ?
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It’s Easier to Forgive

There are many times in my life that I made mistakes that I regret, I hurt so many people and I got hurt back. Nearly every one in this life has been hurt by someone close or someone who we care about, partner, parent, or a friend. Humans toned to continue making mistakes and hurting each other but we learn from our mistakes that’s why I believe in forgiveness. Forgiveness gives you the power and make you feel relieve, forgiveness gives you happiness and help you move forward with your life. Forgiveness is the path and the guide to your happiness without forgiveness life can be more complicated.

There’s more than one meaning for forgiveness, but the main definition for forgiveness is to let go of your angry feeling toward others. Forgiveness is a way to free your self from the thoughts of heat and anger, so that you can you can feel freer and happier. Forgiveness is the understanding of the one who hurt you and know that you are the better person. The only people that they can hurt you and cause you pain the people that you care about the most and you trust, or people that are real close to you. There’s numerous times that I got hurt from close people to me, people like brothers, parent, and close friends and they cause me great deal of pain. At one chapter in my life I was living in I was hurt to the point that I could not think or act clearly, I was so depressed and sad. These feeling start out small but with time I lost interest in many things in my life and almost lost my best friends. In most cases if you don’t deal with the your feeling of being hurt, those feeling may grow bigger and may result to health problems, like, blood pressure, depression, and my cause you to be angry all the times. The benefit of forgiveness can help to go through your feeling of pain and can make you feel good about your self.

If you forgive someone for what they did to you it dose not mean that you forgetting or agreeing to what happened. Your feeling toward the person that cause you the pain will remain a part of your life but forgiveness help you to go through your pain. Also forgiveness doesn’t give the right for any one to hurt others or make the person that hurt you the right to be wrong toward you. People forgive others to free them self from feeling the pain, and live a happier and go forward in their life. When you forgive someone you do it for your self, you give yourself the gift it of freedom. No one want to continue to feel angry or stay in pain their whole life, you want to move on your life and live for you. Forgiveness is something you do between you and your self, you don’t have to let the person that hurt you that you did forgive them for what they did to you, forgiveness is an internal thing you do it to make your self feel better that way it will help you to go forward in your life.

People who you love and care about the most deserve a second chance and deserve to be forgiven for what they did, because cannot we are humans and humans continue to make mistakes and learn from it. If every one in this world never forgive others or specially the one who is close to us or the one who we love the most, we will never be in peace with our self we will have difficult life and stay angry with our self and others. You cannot continue living in the pass holding off your feeling toward someone that did hurt you, you have to let go and live the moment, it is not easy to forget but it’s not too hard to forgive.

If you where the person that cause the harm to others and who needs forgiveness you may need to spend sometimes to think about what you did wrong to others and admit your mistakes without making any excuses making excuses sometimes cause more pain to the person that you hurt. Admitting the wrong is a great thing and it take altos of courage , by admitting that you are wrong it is the sign of change . If you made mistakes in the pass you need to forgive your self and don’t hold it against your self you need to realize that people make mistakes all the time so it is normal to make mistakes but someone should lean from their mistakes and admit that you made a mistake. I have made many mistakes in my life I hurt so many people in my life and it did hurt when I realized that I was wrong. Most the time people do not forgive easily and sometimes they don’t for give at all but what I learned is that you should admit that you was wrong and do not let your ego stop you from apologizing to the people that you hurt. People may not accept your apology and they may never for give you for what you did to them but you need to move forward in your life and try to lean from this lesson.

I maid so many mistakes in my life and I think I will continue to make mistakes because this is what life is all about, making mistakes and learning from it . But people should forgive others for their