What is in a conclusion for a persuasive essay?

What is in a conclusion for a persuasive essay?
I am writing a persuasive essay on why social networking is bad( even though i use it myself lol)
How should i write my conclusion paragraph??
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Can i have some examples please because i have a writers block and I do not want to repeat my self:)
Like what should I say after I have restated my thesis. Summarize? I am really trying not to repeat myself.

Okay for the persuasive part, just add facts that would catch the readers eye like how many hours a person spends on the social network site like : people spend almost 12 (or whatever) hours a day on whatever site. For the conclusion, you might want to put “side effects” like scammers, eye problems, and other things that might have an effect on your health and your security.

Also try to add something that would relate to the reader. Maybe ask a question in the intro like, Have you ever stayed up all night on facebook?

And you should check out new about social networking… Like if someone gone crazy or died because of it.

For the repeating yourself… sorry I do that too, bad habit… I usually reword it or something.

Hope I helped :3