What is in this article about the friendship between a man and a woman. We can also add that a friendship is a kind of accepting and loving relationship which exists among friends and colleagues. Friends are often trained to help each other in solving the most difficult tasks.

What is in this article about the friendship between a man and a woman. We can also add that a friendship is a kind of accepting and loving relationship which exists among friends and colleagues. Friends are often trained to help each other in solving the most difficult tasks.

Youthful friendship is not only inclined to confession but also extremely emotional. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the teenager, with all desire, could not translate into concrete concepts. At the same time, they convey the subtle nuances of his mood to the interlocutor, remaining meaningless and incomprehensible to the outsider. This, in turn, leads to the fact that, the teenager opens up a whole world of new emotions, the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of own body. But together, he yields to the temptation of friendship. The ultimate point of this kind of communication is the gaining of the individual experience of love.

Psychologically, this type of “friend” is similar to the most common psychological states (feelings, attitudes, values). At the same time, it is worth noting that the quality of communication always remains very high. The interpersonal relationships are usually supplemented by some psychological (social) properties (the way in which the communication is carried out).

The combination of certain personality traits (the abnormal and the common) significantly worsen the life of youth. You may describe the negative effect of social isolation on youth in a “What can friendship mean to you?” essay.

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Social isolation: the perception of own personality as a kind of “external” (especially within reasonable and constructive walls) significantly worsen the life of youth, especially within the circle of friends. Interpersonal relations are usually conducted within the framework of cooperative projects, which make it possible to establish “personal relationships” with the friend. But such communication is also characterized by a certain change in the value system of the individual, his attitude towards other people.

Within the framework of friendship, there are two types: high-level and low-level interpersonal relationships. The first is called friendly contact. The second type is called social isolation. Here, the meaning of friendly relations is lower, since, at the initial stage, they do not lend themselves to any meaningful activity. However, with age, the relationship between friends and each other changes. The content of communication with the younger friend, the tendencies of such communication are increased. The media, especially in youth, is of interest to the youth. This is why teenagers often describe fictional characters and the world around in such a way that the other person will be perceived as a kind of mirror on which the individual projects his own unconscious traits.

In addition to the common objective of “I have to give up”, the need for self-disclosure is also characteristic for teenagers. Adolescents may seem to be “born people” and have a desire to be a leader, to share their experience and to make the world better. But not everyone can manage to reach this goal. If a teenager is able to show the confidence and courage to make a change in their own attitude towards other people, then, after graduation, they may be able to be successful in life. However, if a person is able to show neither these qualities nor is able to reflect his own thoughts, then he is not able to achieve the higher level of ideas. As a result, the struggle for recognition and self-respect becomes even harder.

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So, the causes of teenage pregnancy are largely developmental. However, it should be mentioned in teen pregnancy essays that they also contain the emotions of the teenager, his emotions and reflections, which are extremely useful to the examiners. The instant access to the emotions of the child can be very different. In the case of the breakup of the mother, the girl loses consciousness only in the process of sexual contact. In the other case, the image of the mother is extremely excellent. The external “I” does not depend on the personality of the mother. In the system of sacrifice, the external “I” always remains with the child, both in the collective and individual terms. In the collective case, the “I” is the power of a person’s movement through the entire life, and the individual determines the dynamics of this process. In the individual terms, the image of the person is determined by his actions.

Sometimes, the behavior of a teenager is determined precisely by his own actions. At other times, it may be the cause of a crisis in self-esteem and self-respect, the first step to losing respect for oneself.

The high schooler is a person who has achieved success in the prize race, has high ambitions and dreams. He is a “gamer”, is passionate about videogames, tends to ignore others, especially colleagues, if not – with hatred.