What is it about sex?

What is it about sex?

Sex is the sexual intercourse of a person solely with the partner and not with the latter. It is a special form of interpersonal relationships which we describe in a – female friendship essay.

Since childhood, the thought of having a partner was introduced in the minds of the children. Exceptions were made even for in the child’s own personality. A close need for intimate contact led to the development of a sense of need in the hearts of the adolescents.

The sensation of love, which is expressed in the form of intense self-respect, was preserved in the hearts of the participants. The frequency of this feeling was considerably higher. The power of transmission of energy, which was already highly increased, was used. The nervous-regulatory mechanisms of the organism were used. The physiology of friendship was founded. The closest communication with another person was found in the group of close people. The ability to make friends was associated with the ears, skin, and the whole body.

The internal feature of friendship was altered by the evolution of the brain. The scan of the amygdala showed that the area of the nucleus of the middle brain was divided into two areas: visual and functional. The latter group received information from the eyes, and the skin on the body – from the skin of another person. After, the emotion of gratitude appeared. The genial aspect of friendship was weakened, and its influence was much weaker than in the case of comradeship.

But the meaning of this change in the human mind is completely opposite in social attitudes of the individual. He remains loyal to the environment, the power of interpersonal communication.

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The abundance of personal communication led to the fact that, especially in adolescence, the feelings of comradeship were stronger than the feelings of sympathy in general. The age-related changes did not make any changes to the value of personal communication. Adolescence is considered the privileged age of friendship. But this is not so.

The evolution of friendship, which we feel in everyday life, is specifically associated with the development of self-respecting sentiments, the ability to communicate and to be sincere, which comes from deep feelings. The ability to express the feelings of a person, to feel loyalty, love, and intuition were all very seriously strengthened during the childhood.

But, perhaps, not all aspects of this ability are innate. The object and the person mutually agree on the conditions of cooperation. So, it may be stated in bad friendship essay that “genial” qualities, the uniqueness of the inner world, the ability to share information, may be qualities that are required from each partner.

Religious circles criticized Jung for equating the intimacy of love to friendship. The idealization of intimate relationships as a absolutely intimate one led to the fact that such relationships were often defined by the very concept of intimate relationship rather than friendship.

But this thesis is not entirely true. Even in the case with a strong strong emotional attachment, such concepts are not considered as the norm. From the standpoint of Jung, friendship is primarily a emotional attachment of the individual to the ideas and beliefs of the society, the inner voice not only in communication with others but also with the listener, to share the life goals and ideas. In real life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, when a husband loses his job and is forced to exist at the expense of wife for some time.

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But the situation is not uniformly bleak. The examples of good behavior of members of one family in the system of sacrifice shows that the relationship between the spouses is not destroyed even by the strongest emotions.

The most amazing phenomenon is the phenomenon of “etiquette”, i.e. the inclination of partners to each other’s interests. This characteristic is inherent to the cult of personality. The cult can be considered as the expression of the principle of similarity and equality.

The variations in the value system are manifested, in particular, in the attitude of participants in the psychological analysis of partners. As a rule, in the sphere of interpersonal relations, the role of the psyche is more significant than the role of the psyche. The level of self-respect is higher. In psychological terms, the unconscious need for similar feelings is the same for each partner.

The assimilation in the value system of the individual and the formation of the aggregate of other people’s values over time, in the process of sacrificeification, the value of one person is higher than the value of the entire society.

The second peak of sacrifice activity occurs immediately after the emergence of the individual as a social institution. The activity of personal ego is at the height of the power of the surrounding reality. The struggle for dominance takes place.

The following facts are observed: the initial point of the high individual importance is the perception of own personality, ideas and attitude towards the group for which he is willing to do everything for the sake of which the individual may need to be recognized, as the most important value.