What is it better to know, or not to know, on the topic of sexuality education.

What is it better to know, or not to know, on the topic of sexuality education.

Because the institution of the marriage is established precisely for the formation of the most mature sexual interests, the coupling of children and adolescents is the natural outcome of the gradual development of the new male/female psychological attitude towards own sexuality. It can be considered as the most significant psychological development process. The desire for intimate contact helps to overcome this problem, to change and expand the self-awareness and self-esteem, to increase self-esteem. Indicate this important thought in your why teenagers should not be allowed to marry essay.

Transformation of the ideal family

Definition of the concept “family” existing in the social science means the marriage of a man and a woman spouses expressing mutual desire and access to sexual relations, parental responsibility, moral obligations and interests, a system of moral relationships. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

The Family, as a social institution, is a environment in which the daily needs of citizens are satisfied, which is a good example of “healthy love”. The conjugal affection has its own desires, and the motivation for love is usually sufficient. However, the concept of family is much broader. It captures the aspects related to the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children, children and grandchildren, the relations between peers and relatives, friends and lovers, spouses and partners, children and teenagers, in many countries of the world.

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The family acts as a cultural community, a group of people which is connected by common values. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. The natural diversity of spouses is preserved: each substitution makes the other stronger, the power of kinship more dominant (relative, nominal), the dominance of personal interests over collective ones.

The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by common thoughts and ideas. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the ideas are transmitted. Thus, in the context of the article about family love, it is necessary to observe the replacement of previous generations by the theme of the relationship between parents and children.

Relevance of the concept “family” for social science essay

The family has long been at the center of attention of social thought, ethical and artistic activity, which, however, were opposed to the medieval model of a strong family as a social institution.

Scientists developed the notion of “family” only at the beginning of the 20th century. At this time, the idea of “family” did not exist, and “siblings” only means the union of a large number of people. “Family” is an unspoken, hidden reality, the very essence of which is the intimacy and love between a man and a woman.

The word “family” is a shortened version of English “famous” which, nevertheless, denotes a social institution, the cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers use the term “family” to characterize a social institution as a “universitarian attitude towards the configuration of the psyche and the ability to think globally, to have a significant impact on the socio-economic progress of the nation.

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As the family is a relatively small social group, it is often difficult to understand its various forms: familial, marital and parental roles, professional and academic roles, household and parental roles, philosophical and religious roles. Since the 20th century, the family has undergone a rapid evolution, the number of wives and children has increased. The number of women has increased in Europe and US.

The structure of the family has changed in the last 10 years. In the period of parenthood, the husband has the dominant role, wife the second one. In the period of being a young parent, the situation of children is weaker, the birth of a child is independent (not childless).

In the period of a young family, the main role is played by the relationship between the child and the parents. The inner “shelter” is a person, the unfiltered joy of love, the opportunity to express own emotions, to experience own sensations and to follow own dreams. For this reason, in the young generation, there is a strong urge to take the relationship “from above”, to become a family. Taking care of a child is also an important role in the formation of a person’s personality.

The word “family” is evocative. The human body is forming. The children are born to remain. The old generation is dying. The number of people waiting death is growing. The problem is that people of younger age seek to commit a bloody and crazy act after the birth of a teenager.