What is it important for a student to write that a research paper is aimed at learning a certain issue?

What is it important for a student to write that a research paper is aimed at learning a certain issue?

Of course, when preparing academic assignments of this type, a student should study a topic, evaluate it from different angles. A research topic is a mixture of several disciplines, so it is not enough to just list an introduction, a conclusion and a list of references. Also, a writer should study scales, put figures in formulas, avoid complex terms. Your task is to offer a solution to a problem, formulate a problem and show how a chosen idea was solved.

How to write a research paper on gender equality?

The topic of the research paper is gender equality in the workplace. Thus, it is not enough to just write about the normal gender stereotypes. Women also should be involved in the solving of a variety of problems, for example, the problem of gender inequality in the family. This paper should present a new approach for looking at the problem. The researcher should focus on gender roles and stereotypes and expectations of what a woman should do in the performance of professional duties.

Conceptual analysis

The study of masculinity and femininity in society, in sociology and psychology is at the same time and in separate ways different from the treatment of men and women in the course of the last century. You may describe both types here.

Modern sources refer to the fact that, in the 1970s, the US experienced a rapid transition from a model of individual relations to a system of power and equality. The function of the surveys is to explore the nature of these changes, track the process of their development.

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According to sociologists, there were almost no gender roles left in society. Only a few and a half of people had a dominant role in education, even though this ratio was very high. The number of women and men who owned a job was vanishing. Only one third of people were able to approach the top of social positions in the United States. And this ratio was almost completely balanced with the male ratio.

As for women working in large American universities, you may find the following data: the number of female students at the same time, however, was almost halved compared to male number. The results of female studies are completely opposite: in the early years of the twentieth century, the wage of women was almost equal with the men’s salary. Then, only one third of the women managed to become a part of the labor force.

The results of male studies are somewhat different: in the late 80ies of the last century, the wages of men were almost equal with women’s salaries. But men still have a more stable income. The upper class of Americans had the highest income point in the world. And it does not matter that the workers are women. We see only the sexes of people. There is nothing special in the concept of equality.

Yet, many countries of the world are still fighting for the elimination of discrimination, for example, the world is aimed at youth. Unfortunately, many people of this age have not yet realized that their sex life is concentrated around men, and this imbalance still exists. In these countries, there are more opportunities for the employment of young men, especially if they have become more overtly masculine in their appearance. You may push forward the following idea in a positive and easy essay on gender inequality: in the culture of some cultures, the idealized image of a man still has to do with physical strength, independence, diminished emotions, the lack of sensitivity. And this is the cultural heritage of men and women.

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The next area of inequality that may be described in essays on gender roles is the issue of gender inequality in the family. There is a stereotype that the marriage is the sacrifice of the feminine for the male body. Indeed, in some families (relatively small percentage), there is a reversal of roles: the wife is promoted in the family, and the husband – in the workplace. These cases are rare, but the essays about gender inequality in the family are quite common. The reason for this stereotype is the gender stereotypes: marriage is often regarded as giving men the unconditional right to have sexual relations with their spouses and to use force if they want to have sexual contact.

In the family, male role is often higher than female role in the workplace. The latter are restricted by social stereotypes: marriage is often regarded as giving men the unconditional right to have sexual relations with their spouses and to use force if they want to have sexual contact.

Although, in the modern family, the dynamics of gender relations is usually reversed: women often adopt the role of the “primary” wife, and men – the wives of partners, the children, the elderly people.

Men often assume the role of the “primary” spouse in the family. Through cultural stereotypes, the husband is perceived as the provider of family wealth, and the wife is often taken on the role of the “secondary” partner.

The behavior of men is usually altered by the process of socialization.