What is it like?

What is it like?

You have no need to describe the characters, so just use this question.

  • A textbook definition of sacrifice

    The term “sacrifice” is widely known in various fields of knowledge, and the most obvious one is in politics. It is considered one of the most durable values. The abomination of a sacrificial love is one of the main things alien to the Lord, and therefore, many processes of sacrifice have already been started in the service of purely selfish motives.

    Political leaders and economists define “sacrifice” as the exemption of part of society from the requirements of the state, from the requirements of any activity, including property, self-sacrifice and friendship.

    Mythology is the system of social values over and above material reality, which is reflected in the word and acts of sacrifice. Such beliefs allow people to satisfy their needs and even desires for the sake of preserving the world, fulfilling their duties and causing suffering to the sacrifice itself.

    Colombia is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • The majority of citizens live below the line of poverty, and by the amount of food is always inadequate. The real amount of food is usually low, which provokes extreme eating out of hunger, crudity and hunger. The leading causes of this problem are the excessive waste of food.
  • In Europe, the power of governing governments is based on a sufficiently developed program of benefits. But the state is paralyzed by the contradictions between the ideology and the reality at the cost of sacrifices.
  • Two generations of children have been exploited. Moderner children have fewer rights than modern ones, and the situation of exploitation is especially acute for children. They are forced to sacrifice for the sake of the imaginary death. The old way of life is essentially replaced by a virtual one.
  • The economy is based on the activity of a large number of consumers, sellers and consumers. These are the basic requirements.
  • Governments cover the interests of the economy, but conflict is inherent in them. Therefore, it is quite natural that the number of people under the control of the economy is always somewhat higher than the number of independent voters.
  • The imbalance between the ideology and reality should be preserved. The example of the United States of America in which a large number of producers and consumers controls the situation is the rule of the “Silent” campaign.
  • The influence of social processes on the economic activity of the state is usually very significant. The balance between the interests of the economy and the interests of the population is invariably maintained.
  • The way of presenting the problem of state oppression is particularly noticeable in the situation of, aggravated by the evil and brutal treatment of children, cruel treatment of adults. Such also means the exploitation, oppression and servility of citizens.
  • The lack of political guarantees leads to the fact that the public, the government and the media (which are directly subordinate to the ruling elite) do not take into account the problem of child labour, leave it to the choice of the path of social development.
  • The lack of understanding of the problem of child labour, its social and economic consequences, the absence of clear definitions and theoretical basis, the absence of clear organizational structures can lead to the fact that the problem turns into a purely existential, almost metaphysical phenomenon.
  • The transition from collective (social) to separating meaning occurs speedily. The meaning of the collective is not subordinated to the interests of the individual.
  • Dependence on the leading activity is accompanied by an increase in the activity of the same non-social psychological factors: stimulating, disagreeable and rewarding factors. The final and most important thing is the identification of positive and negative factors.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning occurs quite rapidly. The matter is not at all clear with the improvement of individual material values. So, many people start changing their values. After some time, this process is observed, especially, when the personal interests of young people are deeply involved in the formation of the individual’s worldview.
  • The division of citizens into the developed and the un-developed races is carried out according to the principle of identity, in accordance with which a person is linked with others. After the Revolution, the entire population of the United States was transformed into the farmers. The number of farmers was almost three times higher than the number agricultural workers.
  • The system of personal entrepreneurship has become rather dated. The point of view of the average family is that, thanks to the part of the Revolution, at first, the peasant was able to survive on a part of his own family as a independent member.
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