what is leadership to you?

what is leadership to you?
what does leadership mean to you?

what does a leader do?

what do you have to gian from being a leader?

i need help writing an essay about leadership for a creative writing class.
i need it to be deep and thoughtful

i would greatly appreciate help and give alot of points for whoever gives the best answer

Leader is a person who sets path or direction for the subordinates. Leadership is the ability to be visionary for the people who are working under him. Mostly people are confused between these two terms; boss and leader.

Ø Boss drives his people but leader coaches them.

Ø Boss depends on authority but leader depends on good will.

Ø Boss inspires fear but leader inspires enthusiasm.

Ø Boss says “I” but leader says “We”.

Ø Boss says “get here on time” but leader gets there ahead of time.

Ø Boss fixes blame for the breakdown but leader fixes the breakdown.

Ø Boss knows how it is done but leader shows how it is done.

Ø Boss says “Go” but leader says “Let’s GO”.

Ø Boss uses people but leader develops them.

Ø Boss sees today but leader also looks at tomorrow.

Ø Boss commands but leader asks.

Ø Boss never has enough time but leader makes time for things that count.

Ø Boss is concerned with things but leader is concerned with people.

Ø Boss lets people know where he stands but leader lets his people know where they stand.

Ø Boss works hard to produce but leader works hard to help his people produce.

Ø Boss takes credit but leader gives it.

Boss should have 4 E’s to become a leader:

1. Enthusiasm

2. Energy

3. Edge

4. Executer