What is more, it is an international criminal code with many countries of practice.

What is more, it is an international criminal code with many countries of practice.

Here is useful fact about juvenile justice: although the above mentioned concepts are hardly used in practice, the international system of juvenile justice is significantly flawed. The system of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted in 1969, provides for the protection from exploitation, social exclusion, and forced confinement.

Nevertheless, according to experts, there are significant difficulties in the work of this system. The system of the Convention is shown as a single instrument, and the loopholes in it are repeatedly exposed. The activity of children in the field of legal regulation of adult affairs is hampered by the absence of clear definitions and stable norms, State legislation and legal acts of force.

States participating in the Convention take measures to comply with these provisions. For example, they establish a duty on adults to take care of children if they know about their action. However, the only significant difference is that the latter are not compelled to apply for the professional help of an educational system.

More often, it is believed that the approach to juvenile justice is failing. Juveniles are abandoned in the family. They are not taken into care, and the environment is usually rough. The environment must be tough enough to change the working conditions and the behavior of minors. So, it is not surprising that many juvenile delinquents commit crimes under the influence of family members.

The circle of responsibility is very wide. The stigma of adolescents and their desire to escape responsibility is firmly established. Many social institutions, including the family, are used as places of isolation and isolation of children. The child is a submissive and obedient son of a gun. He unquestionably feels the gun and does not yet know how to shoot. The socialization of the child is typical for the era. In the modern child’s environment, he is a conformist and gets angry most often.

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The Modern Society, Commentators say, is favorable to children, but it may be noted in a child labour in society essay that many disadvantages will not necessarily manifest themselves. The increase in the number of working kids is considered, in general, as the benefit of employment and economic growth. The research has shown: in 1986, the labor of children was 20 times more likely to result in surplus employment than the work of adults.

Looking for work

Looking for work, Bernstein found success for the first time. After moving from student to college, he realized that it was already difficult for him to juggle study and work. At the same time, it was not easy for a young person to find a job, which, incidentally, was typical for many countries of the world. In India, for example, the employment rate of students was almost double before the retirement of the old population. In Europe, it was unsustainable to rely entirely on the standard of living and profit. You may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of child labour essay: the curriculum should prescribe the vocational training. After graduation, a child can already have a specialty that gives him preconditions for rapid adaptation in production sphere.

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Writing About Terrorism

Often people do not know that terrorism is a form of organization of violence, frequent victims are civilians, and those who committed crimes were targeted by the group. This is especially true for the world terrorism.

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Historical facts for essays on terrorism

Most people do not know that terrorism has existed for centuries. The word and concept of terrorism is unknown in different parts of the world. In general, in the western world, there is no understanding of the true nature of terrorism. So, we will try to explain some things and phenomena related to it.

When defining terrorism, it should be taken into account that any violence has its own internal division which falls on the socio-political boundaries. Different experts give the term terrorism a broader meaning including subversive, illegal acts, mass destruction, and violence, targeting at certain groups and individuals.

In this sense, terrorism differs from other forms of aggression by identifying the consequences of an act of violence against certain groups for the sake of which it is intended to cause a certain sense of fear, violence, and intimidation, the very purpose of which is to reach their political goals.

The definition of terrorism for law enforcement agencies includes such acts as mobbing, discrimination, and arbitrary detention, the illegal detention of specific foreigners, etc. The whole process of terrorism can be called a crime of cultural oppression.

Some experts argue that terrorism is a part of a socio-political phenomenon, which affects the activities of certain social, cultural, religious, political, and ethnic groups.