what is My chance of going to a good UC?

what is My chance of going to a good UC?
Hi everyone, my name is David. i am a sophomore this year but i made a poor choice last year fro not trying so i got an 2.79GPA at the end of the year but i have a 3.cumulative GPA. but this year i made up my mind to try my hardest and aim for straight A’s currently i have no honors or AP class this year but i will next year 100%. i have join 2 club in school. i will have at least 3.8GPA this year. about how many community service hour would be the best i have to do to get into a Great UC. please answer me . i have post this 3 times already and no one had answer me. so please!!!!!

Hi David:

There are a lot of factors to be considered when “estimating” what AdComs (Admission Committee) want and whether AdCom will admit you to their school:

– Are you from Cali? If you are, you have a higher probability of getting accepted

– Are you of a minority group (excluding Asians & Hispanics)? UC schools are FILLED with White & Asian college students. To fill their quotas they are heavily looking for African-Americans/Native-Americans etc.

– Is there something that makes you STAND OUT? This is very important since all the UC schools factor your essay in as a VERY HIGH PRIORITY. Do you have something that makes you stand out from the other THOUSANDS of applicants?! If not, you have two years to make something happen!

So before I answer your question, lets first off it depends which UC school you are interested in attending. What is a “good UC school” to you? The UC with the best academics overall? The UC with the best overall school spirit? The UC with the best program for your specific field?

I’ll just assume that you mean the best UC overall (Berkeley, LA, Irvine, SD)…but note that admission criteria differs with each UC school.

Lets look at your “profile”.

You have a ~3.0 out of 4.0 GPA and you are currently a sophomore. You say that you will shoot for a 3.8+ GPA this year. That’s fantastic. By the time you apply you should have ~3.5GPA if things go in the right direction.

Anything above a 3.4ish is acceptable for most of the UC schools I listed. An important factor that goes with the GPA though is your SAT/ACT scores.

I’d recommend shooting for a 650-700 on all three sections of your SAT or a 27-30 on your ACT since your GPA will be on the “lower side” compared to the other applicants.

Note: I would suggest you taking AP classes next year. It shows that you have academic responsibility and you are willing to challenge yourself. AdComs at UC schools like that (Princeton Review).

What two clubs are you in? Less is better than more in my opinion. Get really involved with these clubs. I mean REALLY involved. Take district leadership positions in these clubs if they are available. UC schools like students who are comfortable with taking leadership roles that rule over a span of a large amount of people.

All in all, if you are NOT a California resident it will be pretty competitive as far as getting accepted to one of the “top UC schools.” But don’t lose hope. If you feel like you have a shot, go for it. The $50 and the time you put in to apply is definitely worth not wondering “What If” (as cliche as that sounds). Be positive & optimistic and never lose sight of your goals. If you want to go to a good UC, you CAN if you put your mind to it. If you don’t get accepted to their enrolling freshman class, don’t get down on yourself! Work your butt off at a CC or another 4 year university and then re-apply Spring of your freshman college year!