What is necessary to consider the question of the need to apply to the professional labor market and find out whether it corresponds with the real demands of a labor force that is often dubbed illegal (independent) and fragmented (external).

What is necessary to consider the question of the need to apply to the professional labor market and find out whether it corresponds with the real demands of a labor force that is often dubbed illegal (independent) and fragmented (external).

First, you will have to determine the actual extent to which the formal requirements of the labor market are being violated. The requirements of the size of the official workforce (available number of workers) and their interaction with the surrounding world, the level of educational and cultural diversity should be taken into account. Then it will be possible to assess the actual process of adapting to the changing conditions.

Of course, some experts believe that the youth is a more vulnerable and vulnerable part of the labor force. You may state in changing income inequality essay that the overproduction of youth is the main possible problem leading to the rapid development of income inequality. The relationship between the young and the old workers should be fundamentally changed. It has to be, that the younger generation is able to provide the poor with the best education and such living conditions, which the older generation lacks in terms of social protection.

The major problem of youth employment is the characteristic of the overwhelming majority of high school graduates. You may push forward the following proposal in causes of income inequality essay: the solution to the problem of youth employment should be designed to benefit the individuals, whose situation is similar to the situation with age groups.

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  • From the economic point of view, the middle class is an independent social subject capable of effectively performing its traditional functions: investing funds in the national economy, playing the role of the main taxpayer, acting as a stabilizer of socio-political processes.

    There is a generally accepted methodology that identifies several mandatory attributes of each participant, including:

  • name and age of the recipient, his place of work, marital status;
  • purpose of work;
  • number of participants;
  • desired wage;
  • mechanical for the labor;
  • advantages, disadvantages, and barriers to entry.
  • The number of participants can vary from 7 to 15 people. The structure of the paper is often balanced. Three or fourteen individuals are required for the one work. There can be more than one therapist.

    The balance between the use of volunteers and the need for more active work is disturbed by the change in the attitude of managers to the clients. Sometimes, they clear the whole problem of the matter, leaving the work to the degree seekers. Such behavior can be described in changing the role of the look on the worker: managing to increase the level of activity, even on the part of such a specialist, has proved to be effective.

    The managers are guided by personal interests. So, they react to the challenge of the labor market and utilize the services of the social armament. Having gained good writing skills, they can open honest, modest people. Such people, as they often are, do not fit the mold of personality described in the low-developed social roles. The kind of communication with the reader, the ability to make genuine decisions, the following definition of the concept “the public good”, if applied in the real life, means the subordination of social functions to the tasks of the state. The state provides the tools for exercising freedom, justice and universal peace.

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    Writing the middle class essay, you may refer to the words of Scott Fitzgerald. In the novel “The Great Gatsby”, he wrote that the dream is always ahead. The closer we get to it, the farther the future turns out to be. But it does not matter. It is always possible to run faster. And then one fine morning…

    Or, as it was said in the old joke of the Soviet time, communism is a horizon line that becomes more distant as it approaches. What common traces USA and Soviet Union can have? The purpose of the Soviet and American Dream was identical – the growth of material wealth.

    The only difference is that the American Dream is a dream of individual material success, the Soviet dream was a dream of universal, collective material well-being. But both dreams grew out of the same soil, from the idea of Progress, the need for non-stop industrial development. The goal of the industry was to move to a constantly retreating target.

    The main postulate of Progress is the conquest of nature – not only surrounding world but also the nature of human himself. In the process of adaptation to the changing conditions of life, a person must constantly change, and only this ability gives him the opportunity to survive.

    Extreme example of such conquest of nature which may be presented in achieving the American Dream essay is the history of the state of Georgia which was from a middle class of Europeans.