What is no place for lies and deceit in a natural order. But in the system of human relationships, lies and deceit can co-exist. The main thing that lies at the beginning of the life of every person is self-deception, and this is the path to salvation.

What is no place for lies and deceit in a natural order. But in the system of human relationships, lies and deceit can co-exist. The main thing that lies at the beginning of the life of every person is self-deception, and this is the path to salvation.

Honesty is the first to fight against it. This is the basis of the action of the initial stage of the social phase. It is improved by social factors. In social life, it is expressed in the system of interpersonal relationships, which allow the individual to choose the path of his own destruction.

The cause of self-deception is the distance between the individual and the society, the preferences of individuals, their self-determination and rejection of the collective norm. Adherents of a natural order could not worry about such nuances. But such ideology, in power of influence, form of manifestation of the spirit is not without doubt.

The main feature of the modern set of relationships is their exchange, the mutual perception and evaluation of the results of individual activity. The basis of the collective norm is the concept of cooperation. The interchange of rewards is the satisfaction of some subjective needs which is combined with the objectives of the group.

The theoretical formula for the psychology of friendship is composed in the following formula: “Where is the point of cooperation, and where is the goal of interaction”. There is a intuitive understanding of the structure of interpersonal relations, the optimal choice of partners. The image of the ideal friend is one of the most important social roles, for the social roles of friendship.

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Modern researchers identified two main types of relationships: intra-group and group (individuals together for the common purposes of creation of society). These types can be called the personal and the social type of relationship. The latter is called surrogate. Neuropsychologists believe that these are relationships that arise under the influence of some high-level mental processes. They do not involve individual differences and differences but our personalities and attitudes.

Such ideas are considered accurate and realizable. The activity of such “social workers” is characterized by the way they change the most important elements of interpersonal relations: attitudes, values, etc.

The second social type is called the objective type of relationship. The actual linkage between the outside world and the brain is created. The behavior of partners is dictated by the level of the functional integrity of the individual and the ways in which the individual satisfies his needs. The subjective quality of interpersonal relationships is determined by the level of their social and psychological significance.

With the help of objective relationships, individuals are able to correct their own desires, frustrations, emotions, and problems. Only they have the on the one hand, but the objective reality has other, more subtle side.

Here is one of the simplest objective types:

  • passive type – most common is called “personal”. It is characterized by a decrease in the reactivity of feelings, their inability to express themselves, their inability to cover the feelings of others, their fear of others.
  • focus group – an exceptional group of people. The subject of this relationship is a shared memory of a group member. The group as a whole has the same behavioral patterns.
  • transforming type – a mix of the above-mentioned types. The empirical research shows that, the majority of individuals in this type of position have a more pronounced attitude toward others than toward society as a whole.
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    When you get a task to write a friendship essay, you should pay attention to the preferences of the individual. Based on the results of the research, the following recommendations will help you to write quality software.

  • Individualize the interviewing process.
  • A speaker is given only a general direction in the selection of the audience. As a rule, the audience consists of two or three pairs. Each of them has the opportunity to express his own attitude towards the speaker and to listen to his speech. This is a good way to achieve the effect of audience participation.

  • Be attentive to the environment.
  • In the room where the speech is held, it is necessary to make some efforts to dispel the concerns of the audience. The reason for this step is the presence of an external table. One of the main tasks of the subject is to determine the level of the most acceptable level of various values, measures of the opposite kind. You should see the natural inclinations of the audience in the first few sentences of the speech.

  • Consistency.
  • The speech is aimed at the perception of the external phenomena, their laws and effects. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the expressions: “love”, ” fate”, “higher powers”. It is necessary to explain the relationship between theory and practice in the field of legal regulation, to bring a real value to the ideas expressed.