What is not a victimless world. In Europe and America, everyone is free from excluding the role of social standards. Family is a basic social institution in which love, a special kind of joy, and a simple desire to serve one’s neighbor prevail over selfishness.

What is not a victimless world. In Europe and America, everyone is free from excluding the role of social standards. Family is a basic social institution in which love, a special kind of joy, and a simple desire to serve one’s neighbor prevail over selfishness.

On the one hand, the image of the stoic and implacable individual is appealing to the unconscious need for success in life. The main thing that worries many researchers is the transformation of the ideal intended by the intellect of the killer into the very essence of the exercise of selfishness. How to control and restrain selfishness? How to improve and improve the quality of work? In short, a research paper is needed to answer the question of how to stop suicide.

There is a widely accepted model of behavior which is called the “family ban”, which suggests that the significant presence of positive emotions in the family is the first and most important psychological need in the hierarchy of public institutions. The home is considered as the most important human institution, the context of the interaction of children and parents is the main activity of the individual. In this view, the personal significance of the family is confirmed not only by the desires of individual suicide victims but also by the presence of happy families, which, in turn, is linked to the stability of society.

The essence of the family, which, in addition to the primacy of the husband, is the institution of the marriage. The typical marriage is a three-generation union consisting of parents and children. It is high birth rate due to the high mortality of the population. This model has a typical gender dynamics. The struggle for gender equality begins exactly in the family. A role of the ladies in the family is to provide for the sustenance of the children, to take care of their needs, to ensure the expected level of the upbringing process which does not allow to take away the marriage.

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So, you may note in an essay about family sacrifice that, in the collective sphere, the role of the marriage is to provide a basic level of the family’s functioning which provides the material and social support of the family as a mother, father and child or children. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

The research work of the biographer, historian, sociologist and philosopher Karl Maria Kertbeny (1860-1944) put forward the following definition of the concept “family” which, however, could be considered as an extremely general concept. Subject to the restriction of research, family values are primarily associated with the unity of the biological and psychological qualities and the inclination of the child to the requirement of the parental role. The child, according to the assumption of the equal distribution of labor, is a secondary role. The proportion of domestic work among minors is lower than the proportion of labour between adults and children (depending on the level of education and material comfort).

The result of the family, which is called a “family”, is the formation of a harmonious personality based on the contrary, on the imbalance of the basic qualities between the ruler and the subject of his rule. According to Maria Kertbeny, the modern family is a “marriage of good friends” united for the joint organization of life and raising of children. The offspring of a family is the result of the marriage. The child is the result of the union of the man and the woman together as husband and wife.

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To create a good family, it is necessary to minimize the importance of the third component, the social function of the marriage institution. The dominant role is played by the hierarchical value system which ensures the proper organization of the family. The hierarchy of values ensures the emulation of the highest ones in the family. The main social positions are occupied by the ruler and his subjects.

To create a good family, it is necessary to ensure a level of stability and quality of marriage. The person may suffer from the cruelty of relatives, and the child – the victim. In order to prevent such phenomenon, it is necessary to ensure a standard of living that does not tolerate excessive, short-term, and long-term relationships. Such type of upbringing is called “family stabilized”. Social roles are replicated in the behavior of the child: he serves as a worker and accumulates the value of his labor skills.

The following definition of this concept “family” can be presented in essays on family values:

  • a family is a small social group, the most important social institutions, including the marriage, kinship ties, property rights, health, and social insurance, and so on.
  • Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynamic of social change is enhanced. The family acts as a cultural community – a microclimate of sorts, which help to, by providing the necessary information and assistance in the event of crisis.