What is not the case when we feel indifference or fear of others. On the contrary, in the system of sacrifice, all relations between people are built on the basis of mutual trust and love.

What is not the case when we feel indifference or fear of others. On the contrary, in the system of sacrifice, all relations between people are built on the basis of mutual trust and love.

Such an attitude, in the light of the new world, which has not yet deeply penetrated the subconscious, allows people to enjoy the primeval stage of life, and to have own identity, whether it is the consciousness of a group or the consciousness of a individual.

  • In the system of sacrifice, the opposite situation is true: social identity is not yet formed. All subjects are represented by the opposite side of the coin.
  • In the system of egoism, justice and love matter and are available only to the wealthy. In other words, in the system of sacrifice, they are suppressed and sublimated.
  • Thinking about the relationship between politics and sacrifice, you may find the following parallels in a definition essay on sacrifice: both are strategies for obtaining the maximum pleasure and satisfaction from the moment of maximum awareness, both are methods of reaching personal goals.

    The opportunity to be born. The rhythm of life in the collective sphere is not so much a rhythm as a sequence of moments in which the soul reaches the final stage. The possibility to return to the initial position in the collective sphere, to become a leader, to share the rewards of someone else’s life is a kind of liberation from the burden that is impossible to overcome. In such conditions, there is no shame for such struggles. The highest form of human sacrifice is a sacrifice that brings not just personal happiness but the well-being of others.

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    In the system of sacrifice, the mind is not yet formed. It is only the first layer of the consciousness, the first look into the world of the surrounding reality. It is not yet sufficiently developed, and the natural humanists of the Renaissance put forward a new viewpoint on life. At the same time, the true believer has no desire to get married. The desire for kinship and responsibility is quite different.

    So, we can say that, in the collective sphere, the individuality is formed and becomes a conscious and powerful person. Family and marriage are the most important form of interpersonal communication, and for this purpose, the sacrifice is one of the most important foundations, the basis for the World community.

    Geographically, the word “sacrifice” is most often understood as an offering of a greater share of something (service, devotion, self-sacrifice). In metaphysics, it is understood as the root of the action of another person. More often, the act of sacrifice is understood as the sacrifice of a person. In other words, it is a transgression of the will, and the will is the power of a person’s movement to enrichment, success, fame, and power.

    In the collective sphere, the sacrifice plays the role of a national institution, the stage of the formation of a common language, the basis for the formation of a common culture. In time, the sacrifice changes into the role of a national institution, the basis for the emergence of a new language, the same goes for other aspects of the formation of the individual identity, for example, the attitude towards education.

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    Thus, it is quite natural that the personality develops, like most other organisms, under the influence of the environment which is generally accepted in the community. Having emerged from the normal, collective mental state, the individual must have constant communication with other members of the community. Thus, the formation of the individual identity has a propensity for merging with the collective attitude of the community.

    There is a stereotype of a “sacrifice addict” in the collective sphere. The truth is exactly opposite in social practice: the strength of the enthusiasm reaches a certain maximum point. Its position is specified only by the degree of social mobility of the individual. In other words, the power of the enthusiasm reaches its maximum point of development.

    Such maximum is reached, in fact, only in the collective sphere. But the individual must have certain mobility. The pattern of movement in the collective is generally further downward. The individual mobility is decreased, the position of the collective falls.

    The idea of “collective solidarity” becomes important among writers of essays on sacrifice. The fact is that, in the collective sphere, the sacrifice is traditionally associated with other strengths: collective values are the principles of cooperation between the individual and the collective values, the basis for the existence of a common culture.

    In the collective sphere, the principle of collective responsibility is used. The individual is obliged to act as a supervisor of the collective. As the head of the group, he holds the positions of the organization, is responsible for its results.

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    In the private sphere, the principle of independence and freedom of action is practiced. The crowd, a stratum of people, is responsible for its results. The individual, as an independent person, has the right to act in accordance with own interests.