What is one of the most expensive and prestigious educational institutions. Harvard graduates are respected employees in all big corporations around the world. You will have an opportunity to choose subjects you are interested in, use modern campus facilities, and enjoy many other advantages.

What is one of the most expensive and prestigious educational institutions. Harvard graduates are respected employees in all big corporations around the world. You will have an opportunity to choose subjects you are interested in, use modern campus facilities, and enjoy many other advantages.

Write a Columbia MBA essay if you have always dreamed of moving to New York, which is U.S. financial center. This educational institution is a member of the Ivy League and the alma mater of many Nobel Prize winners.

Also, it is recommended to write a Yale MBA essay. School of Management belongs to Yale University, which is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world. In addition to business education, students can acquire knowledge in other areas such as medicine, performing arts, law, religious studies, architecture, etc.

The process of applying to an MBA program at Stanford is more difficult than at any other U.S. business schools. There is a very high dropout rate for applicants, as well as the highest passing score for the GMAT test and median GPA score. It is an important reason to write a perfect Stanford MBA essay. Among the top employers hiring Stanford MBA graduates are companies such as Bain, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Apple, and Google.

Kellogg business school is not only an alma mater of the next generations of business leaders, but also philanthropists. Therefore, it is worth mentioning your noble goals and endeavors in Kellogg MBA essay. By the way, more than 80% of the students participate in the international professional development program and travel to different parts of the world.

READ:  What is not the best place to use this topic. It is way better to leave it in the research paper, because it is quite often used by the industry professionals. The reason for that is the fact that the pool of people that they are working with is too small. You will simply not be able to cover all of them. Moreover, the topic is very technical, and there are many physicists among the students, meaning that the topic is impossible to touch upon without the necessary preparations. The numbering of the people working in the industry is very high. And the corporations are very bureaucratic. The number of people employed in their production is very high. Therefore, the topic of the conversation with them is always strictly regulated.

It would also be a good decision to write a Cornell MBA essay. After the intensive program in the first semester, students are being prepared for the summer practice where they have an opportunity to engage in a business simulation, make the types of decisions business managers regularly face, as well as research, analyze, and make stock-pick recommendations. Cornell also offers a one-year course, which is a rare thing for American business schools. What is more, 5% of students are veterans of Iraqi and Afghan campaigns who study at preferential terms.

MBA essay tips

  • Entering a business school, you have to present information about your education, skills, work experience, and professional achievements that may be of interest to the admissions board. It is also worth emphasizing your positive personal qualities. Leadership and sociability, foresight, and ability to make the right decisions in the most critical situation – these are the qualities that should be mentioned in your MBA application essay.

    Successful admission to a business school depends on the successful presentation of your aspirations and ambitions. Outline your professional background and explain how it will help in achieving future goals. Deep self-analysis will help you to write a proper admission paper.

    Leadership position

    A motivation letter must reflect the lifestyle and ideology of an active leader. It is necessary to present your vision of career development, aspirations to change the world for the better, and prove that you can do great things. Use a possibility to express the interest in the chosen business area and explain a need to gain knowledge and experience in this field while studying.

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    Choice of vocabulary is also important for a good MBA admission essay. Use terms common in the business world, and your essay will be written in a professional way.

    Noble aspirations

    Entering a business school just to learn how to make money is not a good reason to mention in your application. Trace the way how leading business schools formulate their mission. For example, INSEAD strives to create a liberal learning environment that unites people, cultures, and ideas from all over the world and helps to develop organizations by improving management training. In a framework of the MBA program, this school educates responsible, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who share the values of their companies and society.

    The best business schools accept students with an active life position who strive to change the world for better. People who are passionate and dedicated to the job they do are able to achieve even the most ambitious goals in their professional field.


    As you know, honesty is the best policy, and in MBA essay it can reinforce a general impression of you as a personality. The admission board will definitely appreciate your ability to acknowledge mistakes. For example, representatives of Harvard University Business School always ask applicants to write about one big professional mistake they have ever made. Explain what happened, analyze a situation, and conclude what you learned from it.

    High aspirations

    Describe in your aspirations essay, you need to share your vision of future success, and this is definitely not a one-sided information. Tell about a situation when you were so passionate about improving the world that the real world didn’t matter so much to you anymore. And about a decade ago, talk to us about your career aspirations and plans. We will tell you what you would like to change in a business and society.