What is one of the most important mistakes which should be mentioned in essays on family values:

What is one of the most important mistakes which should be mentioned in essays on family values:

  • Writing that family is the most important thing “from above”, implying that everyone is a part of it, and the husband is a main figure in it.
  • Tempting the husband with the role of an emotional leader, without which the wife as a whole suffers.
  • The aspiration to have own offsprings. The husband even takes the role of an emotional leader,, even though he obeys the patriarchal system of values. (Modern society, and the image of the husband as an “angry” is so strong that the reproduction of the population along with the expulsion of the husband from the family has become a mythological phenomenon.
  • The habit of placing the children in the family. The example of a 3-year-old child is famous. The girl is almost always the daughter of a man who took her in his wife’s place. Often we see the expression “I will do everything” in the face of a woman. Such an attitude towards children is peculiar to a patriarchal family.
  • The rejection of the professional potential of the spouses. The husband is considered as the best protector of the wife, and the child – as the best protector of his own life. But, in reality, the imbalance is profound. The outer benefits of the marriage exceed the inner benefits of the spouses themselves.
  • The key difference between love and simple comradely communication is the gulf in the scales of which the spouses are positioned. In order to prove such thesis in essays on family values, it is necessary to take into account the differences in the structure of the family.
  • Engagement of children in the family takes place in the family context. However, in the wider sense, this concept is already primarily a social institution.
  • In the collective sphere, the marriage is a kind of cooperation between equal and free individuals, the adoption of positions in the family, the decision of positions in the social hierarchy, the possibility of elected representatives.
  • In the family, the realignment of ideas, actions and attitudes happens more or less constantly, without the change in the principle of marriage, the social family often retains the position of one of the most important institutions of socialization.
  • Previous generations of families were based on a hierarchical system in which the sons get the upper position. Now, the image of a man is more flexible, the struggle for the female role in the family has ceased to be significant. However, the old structure of the family still exists.
  • Mention in a short essay about family love that, in modern families, there is a tendency for the division of the family, the adoption of one child by one adult, the practice of anonymously granting the adoption of children (or the sale of children) by anonymous intermediaries, the provision of children’s weddings and child marriages, the promotion of children’s education on health issues, and the origin of children’s work experience.
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    The combination of these methods of relationship between the marriage participants, their socialization contributes to the strengthening of family values in society. The approach to parenting is different for everyone: parents are inclined to impose the role of the upbringing, authority and obligation on the child, the latter to show interest in the destiny of a teenager.

    The importance of sexuality in the family is affirmed not only by the degree of family values cohabitation (traditional) and kinship (modern) values, but also by the balance between the interests and the obligations of each.

    The marriage is a kind of cooperative activity which arose from the combination of the above. The sacrifice was the first stage of the development of a strong family personality. The sacrifice continues to this day. The souls of the first parents allow themselves to be pitiful, to lose self-respect, and to commit an act of aggression. The temptation to entry into the sacrifice is strong. Very often, the temptation of such sins is met with the attitude of parents to their children.

    The institution of marriage is founded on a system of mutual service and support, a mutual understanding of the interests of the spouses carried out in the spirit of the pact between the spouses. Strict forms of leadership, decision-making, husband-wife relationships are formed.

    The basic institution of marriage is a common pattern of partners, the determination of common activities and social responsibilities. Based on this factor, the choice of partner in marriage is imposed, and the nature of marriage is chosen.

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    A stable form of relationship is maintained. The choice of partner is confirmed by the degree of expectations from the moment of the birth of a child (or in the case of imminent death). These factors determine the choices of the spouses: partners are chosen by mutual consent.