What is our ethos?

What is our ethos?

Now you know our name and feel free to express yourself. Good luck with the vocabulary!

English is a very rich and versatile language. We exchange important information, share our impressions, and call on other people to take certain actions using different words and concepts. But communication is not always as smooth as desired. Have you ever heard a phrase: “It seems that we speak different languages”? Two persons can use classic English and not understand each other. Why do such things happen?

The fact is that one term can be interpreted differently. For example, “nobility” means being honest, responsible, courageous in your value system, while another person may think that noble status means just a long lineage and family tapestry on a wall. In the same way, many people perceive the word differently. For example, the word “love” can be interpreted as expensive love, while another person may think that charming image is provided by a mother.

People also sometimes make mistakes based on their own inclinations. For example, it may be difficult to understand the idea of “love” when there is no such word. In the dictionary, the word “love” is most often understood as the intimate relationship between partners. But the interpretation of love in the ordinary sense of the word is quite different.

For example, the intimacy of a person is understood as the capacity for the shared experiences, the ability to share the problems and problems of other people. When someone wants to share their problems, they will not be able to do anything. However, this understanding is not considered a characteristic of a human. It can be found even in the most irrational and unbalanced people. Such people are not able to understand the other person, and their own problems will only grow not leading to happiness and full-fledged life.

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The misunderstanding of the other person can be quite common. The main thing that is usually overlooked by psychotherapists is the foul and volatile relationships of the individual with the exception of such issues as aggression, inability to find a job, lack of life experience, feeling of loyalty, its absence, and so on.

Fortunately, interpersonal relationships can be preserved even in the case of such bad mass conditions. The main thing that attracts attention to the anomalies of interpersonal relationships is their emotional background. Therefore, you may consider situations that arise directly conflicts between close people, or rather, the things that cause such feelings. Such examples are often associated with unhappy relationships of spouses, impediments for marriage, problems of spouses – the lack of life, for example.

  • When two people have close friends, they can’t be counted on their feelings. But in other words, they feel each other’s pain.
  • Monetary relationships are rarely sustainable. As a rule, the motivation for marriage is the desire for financial independence from each other, the opportunity to own the world.
  • In the process of communication, many people start to question the meaning of the relationships. At this stage, they do not accept the existence of such a concept as family, personal happiness, companionship, marriage. The word “we” means the collective relationship of people from different positions of the family.
  • The lack of communication with children is accompanied by a desire for equal distribution of domestic work, participation in the choice of work, share the decisions and taking part in the decision-making.
  • The aspiration for equal distribution of domestic work is expressed by the desire for the prior harmony in the relationship.
  • The desire for economic growth. In the period of the crisis, the distribution of incomes and expenses is highly uneven.
  • The trend of their growth is due to the substitution of the previous values. The struggle for the reproduction of the population is intensified.
  • The tension of the struggle for the allocation of income is intensified.
  • The transition from collective (social) to separating meaning occurs mostly within the middle class. The upper and middle classes each constitute a separate social group. There are significant differences in the level of wages, type and structure of labor, social status, moral norms, values, etc. Moreover, the middle class is characterized by a certain tendency of increasing mobility (relative increase in the number of graduates from the lower and middle classes).
  • The decrease in the middle class is observed in the phenomenon of income inequality. The share of the middle class in the income of the population is lower than in the share of the population, business and industry as a whole.
  • The concentration of the middle class in the population is lower than in other groups of workers.
  • The fraction of people belonging to the middle class in the population is lower than in other social groups.