What is progress, destiny, recognition, empathy with the surrounding reality. In the process of adaptation, the psychological parameters of the individual are adjusted.

What is progress, destiny, recognition, empathy with the surrounding reality. In the process of adaptation, the psychological parameters of the individual are adjusted.

Stress is the first general nonspecific adaptation reaction discovered by the Canadian scientist Hans Selye in 1936. He showed that, in response to the different in quality but strong impulses, the organism develops the same complex of changes characterizing this reaction.

An adaptation reaction means that, with the help of stress, the organism adapts to various strong influences while maintaining the level of homeostasis necessary for life. However, as can be seen already from the first signs of stress, this adaptation is not easy, includes signs of damage and oppression. Since any strong effect has own qualities (specificity), the stresses caused by different influences have their own characteristics.

Due to the widespread popularity of the term “stress”, people began to refer to various phenomena related to different fields of knowledge (sociology, biology, medicine, pedagogy, etc.) The ambiguity of understanding of stress and confusion in the application of this term result in inconsistency, absence of strict criteria in interpretation and comparison of the obtained data.

Let’s consider some variants of definitions of this concept. Interesting fact for essays about stress: this term was first introduced into scientific use as applied to technical objects. In the XVII century, English scientist Robert Hooke used this word to characterize constructions (for example, bridges) that were under load and resisted it.

This historical analogy is interesting because the notion of “stress” in modern physiology, psychology, medicine includes ideas about the load on complex systems (biological, psychological, socio-psychological) and resistance to this burden. In accordance with these ideas, stress is considered as a physiological syndrome consisting of a set of changes, as a nonspecific reaction of the organism to the requirements imposed on it.

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It’s worth noting in essays on stress that the clinical symptomatology revealed in acute and chronic types of this phenomenon is diverse in many respects. Common symptoms are explicit insomnia, sensation of pain, pressure in the neck, abdomen, back, chest and eyeballs, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, physical anxiety, feeling of fatigue, trembling in the knees, etc. Some other symptoms not found in acute stress are also characteristic for chronic stress.

Nevertheless, the clinical symptomatology revealed in acute and chronic types of stress is quite different from the overall symptoms of the individual. The differences are due to the difference in the method of evaluation and treatment. In the first case, the evaluation is carried out with the help of objective, subjective data, an evaluation of the whole organism, especially its behavior in the affected environment. This type of analysis is aimed at the set of phenomena that exist at the beginning of the experiment.

Such a study includes the following tasks:

  • Measurement of the response of the organism to the conditions of the test.
  • The study of the factors that cause fluctuations in the responses of the test for stress.
  • The thesis statement of the experiment.
  • A description of the results obtained and their interpretation.
  • The presentation of the results is carried out in the form of the following paragraphs:

  • bibliography (references to the sources used);
  • table of the results;
  • introduction (formulation of the thesis, thesis, i.e. presentation of theses and arguments);
  • conclusion (bibliography and table of the results).
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    The academic requirements for the essay

    When receiving the guidelines for the essay writing, you should study the rules of the genre, the manner of the presentation of the material. The table of contents, as well as the bibliography, should be considered in the margin of the construction of the paper.

    In the United States, there is a standard for formatting of dissertations. The requirements for the content of the papers are usually specified in the student’s manual. When checking any academic project, teachers attach particular importance to the content of the manual, suggesting the correction of the phrases expressing the author’s personal position.

    Such a text is often abbreviated. For example, the term “stress” is often used in the first paragraph of the American Dream essay. But the meaning of the phrase is not identical with the concept of the essay.

    Content of the plus and minus sentences

    The rules for formatting of the text are usually set out in the plus and minus sentences. There is one special circumstance when a speaker knows a variable “x”. This is a case when a whole sentence should be logically completed, i.e. it should be divided.