What is really amazing about this method. Initially, it seems that there is no need to a plan. But over time, it is exactly the plan that helps you most. The performer spends a minimum of time on LP and performs only the best work if the entire plan is not violated.

What is really amazing about this method. Initially, it seems that there is no need to a plan. But over time, it is exactly the plan that helps you most. The performer spends a minimum of time on LP and performs only the best work if the entire plan is not violated.

The main rule: be yourself

The style of the text should suit the reality in which the performer lives. Do not worry, just be yourself. Then, you will be able to create a suitable atmosphere and attract the reader. Good luck, and positive feedback from the teacher will motivate you to write more in order to please the grateful audience.

Should you write about a place where you have lived for a long time?

Of course, there is no place for love in college essay, but it is definitely worth mentioning that you can definitely use the emotion of it. The example of the interview with a local girl is quite common. The image of the person under painkillers is one of the main actions of the inexperienced adult. Particularly dangerous is the image of a power addict.

A girl sits in the armchair for hours while the hairdresser works with her hair, wears uncomfortable clothes and repeats the same actions many times – all these are difficult tasks for a little person. Fatigue, possible skin irritations caused be cosmetics, violation of diet are factors of physical harm.

In addition, there is a moral harm. Inappropriate sexualization of children’s images, increased attention to the appearance of girls, objectification create a fertile soil for violations of the harmonious development of the individual and the creation of the unhealthy ideas about own personality.

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At the end of the XV century, a well known tragedy with the “golden boy” happened. The son of a baker had to participate in the procession at the court of the Milan duke and to personify the coming of the Golden Age. His body was completely covered with golden paint. As a result, the child died, as normal thermoregulation was violated for a long time. Something close in spirit occurs today with children who are forced to sacrifice health for the sake of popularity.

The interest of children in adult affairs is a natural phenomenon. However, imitative practices are good when they benefit the children themselves, develop curiosity, playful character and do not harm health, soul and life. Situations when children serve the selfish interests of adults should not be allowed. The author of an essay on stop child labour may state that everyone who deals with kids can attract the attention of public organizations to the problem if he notices that something is wrong.

On the UN website, you can get acquainted with the book “Our Right to be Protected from Violence”. It is aimed at those who work with teenagers. There are examples of questionnaires that can help to identify cases of violence and find out whether the rights of minors are violated. Ideas are offered for role-playing games that help children to abandon the work that they should not do. There are also plans for talks aimed to reveal violence against children.

Proposals for a “Solution for child labour” essay

It’s worth stating in a how to stop child labour essay that, addressing this problem, governments should not limit their efforts (and many follow this rule) with regard to the application of protective articles of legislation and their commensurate toughening. To reach this goal, a properly planned and organized system of additional urgent, medium-term and long-term measures is needed, depending on the severity and significance of the problem in the country context.

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The whole complex of problems associated with the use of child labour can be resolved only on the basis of concerted actions taken by the whole society and aimed at prevention of further exploitation, liberation of kids from heavy and dangerous work, providing alternative sources of income for them and their families.

Preventive measures to combat child labour are least expensive. In many cases, their results are noticed not immediately, which makes them less attractive from the political point of view. In order not to be limited to only only only only only only only only only treatment of children, measures to prevent child labour should be aimed at eliminating the causes. This may require a critical analysis and revision of social structures.

Given the fact that many countries do not have the appropriate infrastructure and resources to implement large-scale programs to eradicate child labour and provide the parents with higher wages, the following strategy may be proposed in a “Say NO to child labour” essay: it is first necessary to eradicate the worst forms of child labour and then move on to a phased implementation of the national program for the complete abolition of the problem.

At the first stage, it is recommended to free the children from performing heavy and dangerous duties, to protect employed kids. Public attitudes related to this phenomenon should change – from the inevitability of using child labour (as the destiny of the poor) to the readiness to fight it. However, specific programs should be designed to prevent the re-election of any governments.