What is Richard III act 3 scene 1 about?

What is Richard III act 3 scene 1 about?
I just need a summary so i can do my essay: How does Shakespeare play with the audiences emotions in Act 3 scene 1. I need a long detailed summary that i will be able to understand. Thanks alot if you can supply me with this. It would help me alot with the homework.:)

The young Prince Edward, accompanied by Richard and Buckingham and several other men, has arrived in London. He immediately asks where his mother and brother York are, and why they have not come to see him. Hastings tells the prince that his mother sought sanctuary. Buckingham cleverly argues that the young York may not have sanctuary since he is only a child and therefore has not reason to hide, since he has obviously not committed any crimes.

Richard then asks the prince if he is willing to spend the night in the Tower of London, which is the traditional place for kings to stay on the night before their coronation. Edward, however, fears the Tower as a prison and is reluctant. Richard convinces him it is better to stay there since it is so well protected.

The young York arrives and he and Prince Edward depart for the Tower. Richard tells Catesby to see whether Lord Hastings can be won over to his side, rather than supporting Prince Edward. Catesby thinks that Hastings will defend Prince Edward, and Richard indicates that he will kill him if that is the case. Richard also mentions that there will be “divided councels” the next morning, meaning a public council for Edward’s coronation, and a private council to plot for Richard.