What is Saddam Hussein’s 3 main accompishments?

What is Saddam Hussein’s 3 main accompishments?
obviously, his accomplishments don’t have to be good accomplishments, but they can be too. PLEASE BE SERIOUS. i’m using this for an essay. thanks

This is a difficult question to answer as I was never fond of Saddam Hussein but I shall try anyway.

Iraq is an artificially created state comprising of three conflicting major elements, the Sunni, the Shia, and the Kurds. Saddam’s greatest achievement in my book was to keep these elements at bay in a secular state, where all three were represented in government. One must not forget that at least one member of his cabinet was Christian and women held high positions. That was considered a very advanced form of government in the Muslim world.

Secondly he managed to survive insurrection and the hostility of the neighboring states including a prolonged and unwinnable war with Iran.

And thirdly he survived the massacre of the first gulf war and the sanctions that followed, which were severe and designed to foment unrest within the population in the hope of deposing him.

On the whole I would say that with limited resources he managed to achieve more than the coalition has over the past nine years after his defeat. It will take a very long time for Iraq to get to where it was before the invasion. It makes one wander what it was all about, and why so many lies were told in support of the war. Certainly the purpose of that war was not to save the Iraqis from Saddam.