What is said, in the US, there are more homeless veterans than homeless veterans. veterans are seen as the loyal and decent people by the society, but the homeless – by others.

What is said, in the US, there are more homeless veterans than homeless veterans. veterans are seen as the loyal and decent people by the society, but the homeless – by others.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Scholarly Articles

These are the so-called “Vietnamese”, “Afghan”, “Iraqi”, “Chechen” syndromes. For the first time, the conceptual linkage of PTSD to the psychological consequences of a specific war emerged after a military conflict in Vietnam, when the corresponding symptoms began to be observed in the returned US military personnel. Perhaps, the veterans day essay topics shouldn’t only describe their honor and war-time life. It should definitely concern their lives in the world behind the war.

  • As for the other syndrome associated with the United States, in 2007 the American television channel CBS unveiled rather gloomy results of its own research. According to these data, then the “Iraqi” syndrome daily killed about 17 Americans a day. The “Chechen” syndrome, as a result of torments and frustration with the chosen field of future, is usually experienced by the victims of terrorism. According to the respondents, which were divided into a “warrior-ling” and a “doom” crowd, the latter also suffered.

    To make your work easier, better planned and structured, you should create a structure of the essay on each of the above-mentioned syndrome types.

    To begin with, you should divide the typical definition of the concept ‘family’ existing in modern society. The words refer to the objects and people with whom they have known and love. They also show respect for the elders of these families. In other words, people refer to their own families.

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    There are several types of relations between people. Let’s consider the most important of them:

  • Traditional family. Its members are a set of people having a common mode of life and mutual responsibility. All other members are optional, except for those cases when a large number of people is required from the family. A “traditional family” is characterized by a homogeneous group, a small number of children, a large number of grandchildren.
  • The modern family consists of a marriage arrangement and parenting of children. The type of people living in this type of family is called “online families”. The disadvantage of this method is that not all mentally lazy, negligent people have a good education and are moderately adapted in social life. Moreover, not all socially respected people have a decent salary. If you want to fight the poverty and ensure a decent life for yourself, it is reasonable to use the following method. Taking into account the interests of kinship, we may consider creating in a ‘family’ a designated as an income supplement for eligible families. The amount of payments may be determined individually for each participant and is usually chosen by the husband or wife.
  • Contributing to the family. It is the opposite side of the first option. For example, if the husband is responsible for the child, he can spend a large sum of money on his wife’s wedding. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation which emerged from a number of complex reasons, the participation of which is reversible.
  • The main contribution to the family is made by the husband. The balance of the work and home is maintained by him. Specialists studying psychological relationships between men and women are able to distinguish between the main professional motives and the additional ones, to set specific tasks and to plan the activities of the spouses.
  • The value of family contributions is determined by the level of family values, which the society receives. The higher the level of family values, the lower the amount of social benefits.
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    The wealth and poverty of people living in the street usually are correlated with the level of material comfort which is linked with the lack of industrialization, more and more dependence on the neighbors, noise, heat, etc. In order to fix the problems, it is necessary to improve the level of housing and other amenities. The results of the housing-first programs will be assessed in the essays on social identity in America.

    The identity of the person living in the street is often determined by his own appearance and attitude towards the community.