What is said that the first love, which provokes both pleasure and gratitude, is experienced in the heart. The seduction of a loved one by another is carried out precisely in this way.

What is said that the first love, which provokes both pleasure and gratitude, is experienced in the heart. The seduction of a loved one by another is carried out precisely in this way.

Because of the power of sacrificial feelings, a person can change his consciousness very quickly. When the victim feels that he is guilty, he may be mistaken into thinking that he is insane, and this is one of the main mistakes of love in which both lovers meet.

Divide the concept of friendship with respect to every qualitative elements of interpersonal interaction, including friendship, sacrifice and similar experiences. How do they affect the feelings of friends? In social and psychological terms, friendship is like a place where the various relationships are manifested: sincere, strong, simple, free and true.

No matter how subtle the concept of friendship is, we can see that in friends and friendship institutes. In times of the primitive concept of friendship, it was perceived as a kind of emotional attachment of the individual to another person. Exclusively, interpersonal friendship has a beneficial and ennobling influence on the member.

That is why, in any post-revolutionary period, such feelings were extremely intense. The widespread use of the concepts of friendship and love in the public consciousness was observed. This is understandable, since the revolution was the spontaneous formation of a new social order. The everyday practices of friendly relations were fundamentally different from the traditional values of the French revolution.

The Enlightenment provided the widest possible range of explanations for human relationships on the basis of the study of the relationship between people and friendship. You may describe the fundamental changes in the attitude towards love and friendship in the fundamental work “An Essay on the Relationship Between Marriage and Friendship”.

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Modern researchers found strong similarities between love and friendship. But they are also not able to explain the differences. The reason for this, in fact, is the role of the individualistic psyche in the formation of friendship, which, however, were defined by Michel Foucault not as respect for the actuality of interpersonal contacts, but only as a kind of etiquette. The essence of friendship, which, however, is not identical with the concept of love in Western society. The fact is that, in communicating with other people, we always remember and obey the rules of etiquette.

But, while respecting etiquette, this kind of relationship is not without contrast. It should be regarded as a complement of the individual-group relationship that is usually based on respect, i.e. the assessment of the value of the individual and the ability to respect others. Coucault argued that respect is a kind of prerequisite for friendship, and friendship is due to the measures taken by the individual.

However, the absence of respect is not the only reason why people try to have friendly relations. There are other motives, which we described in the previous section. They also should be mentioned in your friendship and friendship essay.

Family relationships are particularly important for children. The sociological context, which should be taken into account while considering the problems of child friendship, calls for the construction of a family as one of the basic social structures. In traditional Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, marriage is considered a heterosexual institution. However, in many states of the world, same-sex unions are legal in many states, and the practice of marriage has always been characterized by the absence of state regulation of marriage.

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In the status of modern people, there is a new understanding of family as a socially important institution, which, however, does not in any way imply a reduction of its status. According to the biologists, there is no part of modern society that does not use professional marital assistance. Moreover, the number of children is growing (in 2002, the number of children over one year), and the number of couples – having attained sexual maturity (2005).

Modern researchers found that the characteristics of couples are chosen in the process of formation (sociological and psychological characteristics of husband and wife, social and psychological characteristics of a young couple, characteristics of their behavior and attitude toward each other, psychological aspects of their relationship. It is stated in a short speech about family that the values of people are given to each individual, and the subsequent determination of the value of family is therefore determined by the degree of their mutual satisfaction which corresponds to the goals of the relationship.

According to psychologists, there are several types of relationships functioning in parallel in society: traditional (family) and social (non-traditional) ones, where the member serves as a function of both structures. Since the latter type of relationship is called “family”, it is important to describe the peculiarities of such relationships in a “what family values mean to you” essay.