What is Sci-fi and how could I apply it to this?

What is Sci-fi and how could I apply it to this?
Hello for a class presentation tomorrow a group of 5 including me has to do a skit of Act 5 Shakesphere’s Othello book, anyways we have to do it in SCI-FI style, any ideas what the heck we should do ?????


Okay, pretty much your teacher is just trying to make this into something fun but still “educational” so calm down. You could be writing an analytical essay instead of doing a fun little performance, so be a little more appreciative okay?

So it seems you don’t know what sci-fi is? Sci-fi is short for Science Fiction, science fiction often takes place in the future with advanced technology, space travel, robots, etc.

So be creative, in a futuristic version of Othello, Iago would be an Android or Robot like C3P0 in Star Wars. Othello, just like in the book, would see him as a faithful servant, not someone to be feared or to secretly have an agenda against him or even capable of having feelings let alone feelings of hatred.

The handkerchief could be an identification device or something and Cassio could be asking the prostitute/”Galactic Gypsy” to analyze it and make a forged copy. All the different locations could be changed to planets instead that just happen to have the same names. If there’s mention of celestial bodies (you know stars, moons, suns, etc) you can replace it with stuff like “our two suns,” or “an alignment of the 3 moons,” Any mentions of time, hours, minutes, you could say “hyper-hour” or “micro-minute.” When Emilia talks about how she wouldn’t deceive her husband for everything in the world, you can replace “everything in the world” with stuff like, “all the prizes of the intergalactic lottery, martian pearls, or the finest clothing woven from the hairs of Ionian trill birds.” and other weird stuff like that.

Basically, the more details you replace with futuristic counterparts, the better your act will be.