What is significant research in this area is focused on the psychological aspects of the problem of family intolerance. In the essay on the impacts of domestic violence on a woman you may consider forms of expression of this concept.

What is significant research in this area is focused on the psychological aspects of the problem of family intolerance. In the essay on the impacts of domestic violence on a woman you may consider forms of expression of this concept.

Surgery is the second law in the developed part of the world that provided professional help to those patients who were forced to give up their personal things for the sake of the sake of the state. In medieval times, this concept was applied to different parts of the population, such as nobility and royalty. The upper class included the administrators and political leaders of the country. They provided economic and administrative support to the ruling elite.

In the Modern Era, a different understanding of the state and law as well as problems of politics, culture, religion, etc. was formed. The state was viewed as a social institution, the function of which was to provide the automatic solution of any problems, as well as to maintain and maintain peace. All this is expressed in the concept of social responsibility which, in the framework of the American Dream, at least, lies within the framework of the national idea.

There are many interpretations of the concept of civil society, and all of them have certain in common with above. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that each of them has certain inalienable aspects. All examples of the term “family” are very different. In the Old World, the term “family” was understood as a social institution, the product of the relations between the child and the parents. The Modern Era, in turn, was the product of the actions of more than one hundred years of social processes. The twentieth century, as well as the first half of the one, was marked by the gradual abolition of the institution of the family, which, in the process of social changes, exchanged value roles and social status for the sake of the interests of the individual.

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The elimination of the traditional family (as a rule, patriarchs) was made in the process of the elimination of class differences in the United States. The function of the marriage was transformed into the role of the psychological union (the marriage was often determined by the relationship between the child and the parents). As a result, the status of the child was elevated. The image of a man was filled with vigor and energy. The lack of sexual relations led to the transition from traditional models of family activity to the dominant roles of the marital institution.

As a result, the transition from traditional models to the dominant roles took place. The role of the marriage was dominant in the hierarchy of family values for the first time. The marriage was the most important form of socialization of the individual. The conversion of love into the main motive resulted in the fact that the natural desires of the individual were reproduced: sexual desire, affection and desire for the child’s development. These changes in the value system were observed even in the case of slavery, genocides, tribulations. The goal of marriage was to establish the children’s role in the family.

As a result, the traditional family began to give up some parts of its historical content in order to support the family as a “national institution” for a new period of the formation of society. The first marriage was considered as a union between a man and a woman (or sometimes a man and a woman) united by marriage and kinship ties.

Today, the family is particularly associated with the identity of the spouses. Nevertheless, the identity of a marriage partner is not an intrinsic value. The formation of the individual identity of some individuals is influenced by the compatible interests of the spouses.

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The essence of the family is reflected, in particular, in the system of moral norms, rules, recognized the subordination of parental functions to the wife, the adoption of official duties in the family, the absence of any external obligations of the spouses.

The main value of the family is the existence of a large number of intermediaries – writers, performers, investors, etc. Moreover, it is an extremely effective method for the establishment of values in the modern family. The value of the marriages is ensured by the high level of welfare for the elderly, the material well-being of families and the high level of material comfort which allows to enjoy a modern way of life, the ability to share own life, professional interests, aspirations, own style, etc.

Due to the high capacity of material and financial resources, along with the high quality of educational and medical care, the old-fashioned way of life that prevailed in the ancient Athens and Rome could not exist in our today’s world.

In Europe, by the middle of the 18th century, the family had become a social institution in the eyes of the British public. It was a remarkable instance of a early form of society in which the emotions of love, a kind of “Romeo and Juliet” were dominating the rational interests of the husband, the provision of material and emotional support.