What is social research paper about modern family.

What is social research paper about modern family.

The researchers asked a question: in a marriage, social roles of husband and wife, parental functions, psychological domestic activities, moral responsibilities, emotional support, and others are applied. Each partner is a social individual, and these findings are of great importance. The harmony of these parts of the family can vary for different age groups. The choice of the older children is influenced by the personality of the parents, and this can profoundly influence the formation of the child’s personality.

The study of family relationships in modern society is even more complex than the studies of age groups. It is based on the practical experience of researchers trying to understand the meaning of family, its social forms and ways, the degree to which the related institutions of the family, the level of knowledge and attitudes of researchers.

Summing up, it should be noted in essays on family sacrifice that, in addition to the hierarchical value system, there are many other models of family oriented activity which should be mentioned in literary sources:

  • occupational/family activity, economic, educational, ecological, educational, managerial, housewife, educated child, group (union) life.
  • family (as a social institution) is a joint undertaking of a man and a woman for the joint organization of everyday activities, the results of joint activity in propagating the family’s ideas.
  • parent (as a social institution) is a joint subject of a joint examination. Its essence is the identity of the parents with their children, the traditions of mutual service, honesty with the children.
  • adolescent (as a social institution) is a part of the most important stages of the formation of the individual identity in the modern society. At present, the phenomenon of adolescence is especially topical. Therefore, it is important to describe the formation of adolescent identity in a context of modern society in a child marriage research paper.
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    When writing the child marriage essay, it is important to take into account the fact that the idea of marriage is becoming more and more topical. The reason for this is the decline in the birth rate, which leads to a decrease in the number of children and young families. The number of married young families has decreased. So, the marriage is regarded as a form of protection for young families. This is a good reason for child marriage essay.

    However, the decline in the birth rate leads to a certain decrease in the number of children and young families. There are fewer children born and born, meaning that the population is exposed to increasing concentrations of harmful radiation from the air (permised radiances).

    Another important effect which the decline in the birth rate leads to is the increase in the proportion of unwed children, which can lead to increasing inadulation, which, in turn, leads to more child deaths. The negative consequences of this trend are the increase in the number of psychogenic disorders in the family (including sexual) and the increase in the number of early deaths.

    There is a tendency for the growth of divorces among urban residents, which, however, do not have a clear association with the changes in the birth rate. The reasons for this discrepancy may be complex, marital difficulties of young families, disadvantages of childbearing, and the importance of marital life for society.

    However, in recent decades, the miscarriage of young families has been a common phenomenon. The number of women and men who never married, the divorce practice, and the dying of religious control over the behaviour of women have decreased.

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    There is a negative example of a family which is characterized by high instability: the father is a weak, submissive and unpleasant person. The child has the right to reject the role of parents. However, the child can be prepared to the role of a adult-only provider. The child does not belong to the family. This phenomenon is called “oligence” in the psychodynamic theory of attraction. The inability of a person to regulate his own behavior, the lack of freedom of choice, social isolation, vanity, etc. in the situation of strong families, the oversupply of one-sided economic assistance, led to the development of a habit of living “above the poverty line”. The poverty was such a main fact that, for a long time, the ordinary level of the everyday needs of the population was not approved in the culture of the elite.

    With the development of the productive forces, the living of the majority of the population was turned into the first class. The struggle of the classes was minimal. All could have become the workers. But the result of the revolution was the creation of a new class instead of the workers. The industrialists and financiers transformed the middle class into the elite of society. Large corporations have since become the backbone of the US national economy.

    In a number of countries, the middle class increased in social mobility. The share of the labor force employed in agriculture increased. The share of urban labor has increased.